Video: Cardi B wears a TIGHT DRAGON BALL Z-inspired dress that leaves nothing to the imagination

Video: Cardi B wears a TIGHT DRAGON BALL Z-inspired dress that leaves nothing to the imagination

American rapper Cardi B once again has more than 81 million followers on Instagram by Dress up in a highly fitted dress inspired by the legendary Dragon Ball Z cartoon.

Actress too I shared the photo where her clear curves are showing It is accompanied by the text “Majin Buu & Goku” which refers to Japanese animation.

Wasteful The dress design was created by Pierre-Louis Auvray, Trained in the prestigious Saint Martins and who has managed to break into a niche in the fashion sector with his amazing foam and latex creations, which Cardi B.

The Dragon Ball Z-inspired style features a knitted hoodie like a shirt and features a full-body hem all around.

A day later, the singer posted a new video in the same dress where you can see the way her silhouette poses as the American approaches her truck.

Cardi B spoils her followers on Onlyfans

The 28-year-old New York rapper, formerly a stripper in the Bronx, knows how to spoil her most loyal fans. This is why his name has become one of the most popular names on the Only Fans platform, he joined in August 2020 and made it clear to his fans that he would not post pornographic material. WAP translator He charges $ 4.99 to his followers.

Her first content was a behind-the-scenes look at the cover of a popular magazine.

Cardi has already shown interest in this platform before. What else should I share other than behind the scenes and clarifying rumors? In July 2020, before entering the platform, I asked maybe a video of me cleaning the house with my nails.

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