Table of Quotes: Why Cruise Azul and Guerrero Double for Liga MX?

Table of Quotes: Why Cruise Azul and Guerrero Double for Liga MX?

Only ten days of the 2020 Clausura competition Liga M.X. They got into a controversy before the directors decided to cancel the competition due to the Govt-19 epidemic. Seven regular stage matches were not played for all clubs, and the concern is related to the quote table, how to get points if they are not played?

The result of the High Command was unanimous: matches not played in the last championship were doubled for the purposes of the citation table. In the 2020-2021 season: Instead of adding one or three points when drawing or winning, they will add two or six. Quote table only.

In the match Guard 1 2020, A Blue Cross They had planned four games he had not played in the previous season, and there will be three matches in the Clausura 2021: The first match is against Guerrero on the 4th and the eighth match is against Lyon.

The quote table operates on Day 4 of the competition. (Liga MX)

This Saturday, January 30, starts at 9:00 pm, Cruz to face Colos Blancos de Guerrero at Azul Azteca Stadium. The match is valid for the match day 4 of the Liga MX in Card 1 ons 2021, and since it will be played on the 14th of the last clasura, it will be doubled in the quote table.

By the time Albiazuls reached the fourth day with six points, two wins and one defeat, the engine was leading with three units and the opposite result: One win and two falls. Who will win and win by six points this Saturday?

There is the benefit of the doubt

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