Two California stores were looted on Black Friday

Two California stores were looted on Black Friday


November 28, 2021 04:26 GMT

The Bottega Veneta store in Los Angeles and the Home Depot store in Lakewood were raided.

At least two burglaries were recorded in stores in California (USA) on November 27, coinciding with Black Friday, according to reports. Fox News.

As part of one of them, a group of people entered the Bottega Veneta store in Los Angeles and Uses pepper spray Against people who tried to stop them while seizing luxury goods.

A group of young people between the ages of 15 and 20 broke into the Home Depot store in the city of Lakewood And captured gadgets like winches, hammers and hammersBefore fleeing in cars that were waiting for them outside. An entire section of the hammers has been completely emptied and authorities believe the thieves will likely use them for future crimes.

accordingly, was known That four suspects who may be involved in the home depot robbery have been taken into custody by Beverly Hills Police. “We are currently working with the Los Angeles County Police Department to find out if there is a link to the Lakewood Home Depot incident or any other crimes that have been committed,” said Jeff Newman of Beverly Hills Police.

In the past week, about 80 strangers Looting The location of the luxury chain store Nordstrom in the San Francisco Bay Area. Likewise, there have been large-scale robberies of dozens of companies, among which, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton.

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