Two new non-stop flights announced

Two new non-stop flights announced

Economic recovery efforts are in full swing at El Paso International Airport thanks to the growing number of non-stop flights, which include two new air service options offered by Frontier Airlines.

Frontier has announced that it will offer service from El Paso to Orlando, twice a week, year-round starting November 3, 2021.

“Our travelers have more options now as a result of our ongoing efforts to share success, financial resilience and vaccination rates with our community.

“In the years leading up to the pandemic, we secured 20 new flights and continued to attract new services that we didn’t have before the pandemic,” said Sam Rodriguez, El Paso’s director of aviation.

He added, “Our focus on growing the core business of air transport is part of El Paso’s strategic plan and this plan will allow us to stay on track to make significant strides in bringing in new flights that will complement our existing services.” .

Recently added new flights at El Paso International Airport include:

March: El Paso to Las Vegas in Frontier

August: El Paso to Charlotte on American

September-November: Three daily flights from El Paso to Austin on a US plane

Enhanced services at El Paso International Airport go beyond the increased non-stop flights.

Existing routes have also increased frequencies and aircraft sizes on various routes. Some of these changes include:

American flights to Dallas/Fort Worth are now the main airliners.

Southwest is increasing flights to many destinations from 14 daily to 20 daily in October.

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− Southwest will increase the frequency of its flights to Austin from one per day to two per day in September to three flights per day in October, resulting in six daily non-stop flights to Austin in November.

− San Antonio’s frequency also increases in the Southwest from one daily to twice daily service in October.

For more information about El Paso International Airport, visit www.elpasointernational

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