UK leaders’ Northern ‘not consulted’ on local Govt locks World News

Mayors and councilors in the north of the UK have criticized the government for failing to consult with them on local locking measures as they are blocking further restrictions that are expected to be announced next week.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, accused of treating the city with contempt, saying the new locking measures were “imposed”.

Anderson said he expects Liverpool to be placed under tier-three measures, which is the highest proposed by the government. Connected locking system. Tier-three measures include blocking all social interactions between different households, restricting overnight leaving the house, and banning organized non-professional sports and communal entertainment groups.

The mayor said he expects further discussions with the government on Saturday afternoon, but has not been consulted about the outcome.

“Now we’re in a conversation, which tells us that these decisions have been made, so it’s a conversation, not a consultation,” Anderson told BBC Radio 4’s Today. “But the key point of imposing the measures is clear: the dump. We have not been consulted.”

Gateshead Council President Martin Cannon has criticized the government for pushing local officials in the north-east of England into darkness over local locking restrictions, following ministers’ failure to attend a conference call with leaders on Friday.

Cannon called on the government to co-operate with local councils on these measures.

“Our argument is that even with mixed messaging, confusion and frustration, the measures that are in place at the moment are starting to work,” he told the Today show.

“Work with us, give us more time, help us win trust and persuade people who want to do the right thing,” Cannon said. “Help us gain confidence in existing actions, not bring in new actions, and gain opposition and further confusion.”

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Frequent changes in controls have “caused great opposition and confusion,” Canon said, adding that the Northeast is living under three different controls in 10 days.

“Even the prime minister at one point No faint idea What are the real restrictions he has imposed on the Northeast of England, ”he said.

A letter from Downing Street to MPs in the UK’s northwest on Friday night said “some local areas are likely to face further restrictions”.

In the letter, the government hopes to “finalize these details as soon as possible” and has been in touch with local authority leaders about the results. A letter from Sir Edward Lister, a Downing Street consultant, acknowledged that the move “presents tough choices.”

“We must strive to strike the right balance between reducing exchange and protecting our economy and community from adverse impact,” it wrote.

Susan Hopkins, deputy director of the UK National Infectious Diseases Service, said on Saturday morning that corona virus cases were higher in Yorkshire and Humber than in the northwest, northeast and south of the UK.

Hopkins said trends in the Northwest are more likely to be hospitalized because the virus is spreading “faster now” among people over 60.

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