UK local elections 2022 results live: Sinn Fein poised to win as Conservative Party loses nearly 500 seats

UK local elections 2022 results live: Sinn Fein poised to win as Conservative Party loses nearly 500 seats

Conservative Party loses Wandsworth as Boris Johnson faces backlash from councilors

Good feeling A historic victory is due in Northern Ireland as voting in the Assembly elections was due to resume.

The Republican Party had secured the most favorable vote as of Friday night, after voters headed to the polls the day before.

As of Saturday morning in England, the Conservative Party recorded a loss of nearly 500 seats in local elections as of Saturday morning and a string of key assemblies, including the London boroughs of Wandsworth and Westminster.

Tory MPs have told Boris Johnson that he has lost public confidence and that the momentum behind the challenge to his leadership is now “unstoppable”.

Johnson admitted that the Conservative Party had a “tough night” in London and the south, but insisted the party had made “notable gains” elsewhere in the country.

Meanwhile, the Labor Party failed to make a breakthrough in its former stronghold of the “red wall” after Thursday’s election.


Counting results in Northern Ireland

Counting resumed this morning for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections.

When it was suspended Friday night, only 47 of the 90 seats were full – and most of them went to Sinn Féin.

Stay tuned for the final results.

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Labor does not “rejoice” at the prospect of Sir Keir Starmer’s resignation

Labor leader West Streeting said he would not “enjoy” the prospect of Sir Keir resigning over an alleged breach of lockdown rules in Durham last April.

Watch the shadow health minister make the comments here:

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UK scheme for Afghan resettlement

Far from the election news for a moment, the former prosecutor being pursued by the Taliban said he is living in fear for his life as the UK resettlement scheme fails to support Afghans at exceptional risk.

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Conservatives should ‘analyze where they lost their seats’

Nadim al-Zahawi says the conservatives should “analyze” where they lost their seats in the local elections:

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The Conservative Party lost nearly 500 seats as of morning

A Cabinet minister insisted that Boris Johnson remains an electoral asset for the Conservatives, despite Conservative Party losses in local elections across Great Britain.

As of Saturday morning, with counts low in England, the Conservative Party had lost nearly 500 seats in the council – including 341 in England, 63 in Scotland and 86 in Wales.

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Wales minister says Labor has ‘reclaimed the confidence of Britons’

Wales’ shadow minister of state has said Labor is ready to form a government.

“What the results showed this week is that we have regained the confidence of the British public,” Joe Stevens told Radio Times.

“For example, the control of Barnet Council in London, which has a large Jewish population, makes clear to both our party and the state in general that the Labor Party has changed under Keir Starmer in the past two years and that we are ready for government. The control of Barnet Council is a clear example.

“We will continue to try to demonstrate to the British public that Labor is a party ready for government.”

Zoe TidmanMay 7 2022 08:52


SNP on “Birgit” starmer

Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish National Party in Westminster, has refused to say whether Sir Keir Starmer should resign as Labor leader if he is found to have breached lockdown rules on Birgit.

He told BBC Breakfast: “There should be penalties for people who break the law, but we’re not talking about that yet – let’s wait and see what happens with this investigation.”

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‘We must do better’, says the education minister.

Nadim Zahawi also spoke about the Conservative Party’s election losses in the same interview, saying there are issues that need to be addressed at both the local and national levels.

“We will listen to what people tell us. We must do better.”

Zoe TidmanMay 7 2022 08:22

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