Ukraine has warned that more than 550 civilians are still trapped in Solidar, a mining town besieged by Russia.

Ukraine has warned that more than 550 civilians are still trapped in Solidar, a mining town besieged by Russia.
Volunteers help evacuate people in Solidar (Reuters/Clauda Kilkoen)

total 559 civilians Including 15 minors between the ages of 7 and 15, who stay in soldiera city in the region Donetsk Where fierce battles continue, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

In televised statements compiled by the agency UnitedHead of the Donetsk regional military administration. Pavlo KirilenkoHe added that people who continue to have Solidar Food and hygiene needed.

He pointed out that seven people were evacuated on Friday from Solidar, which has a population of 20,000.

As soon as we have a chance to get there to evacuate, of course we will.Kirilenko stressed, referring to the residents who remained in Solidar.

Russia announced that offensive units of the Wagner mercenary group had captured Solidar, but Ukrainian forces denied this, saying that heavy fighting continues.

Smoke in the city of Solidar, Russia's goal in recent days (Reuters/Clauda Kilkoen)
Smoke in the city of Solidar, Russia’s goal in recent days (Reuters/Clauda Kilkoen)

to me Serhiy SharifatiThe spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the Russian forces are trying to seize Solidar in order to advance deep into the Donetsk region.

In another order, several Explosions I heard it on Saturday morning Kyivthe capital of Ukraine, according to journalists of the news agency France Press agency. FUkrainian officials claimed that The attacks targeted key infrastructure.

The Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine said that a “missile attack on key infrastructure facilities” is taking place in Kyiv. Kirillo Tymoshenko On Telegram, while he was mayor of the capital, Vitali KlitschkoExplosions reported in the area Dnebrovsky He urged residents to “stay in shelters”.

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In another message on Telegram, Klitschko He added that some of the rocket fragments fell in a non-residential area of ​​the neighborhood Holosiivskyiwithout leaving dead.

Soon after the message, the authorities issued an air alert for the capital and the region of the same name.

Fighting continues in Solidar (Reuters)
Fighting continues in Solidar (Reuters)

Since October and after a series of Military setbackschose Russia Systematically attack the Ukrainian strategic infrastructure.

Ukraine’s energy services are working hard to repair the power grid as winter progresses.

There were also reports of several explosions this morning in the city ZaporizhiaAccording to the secretary of the mayor’s office, Anatoly Kortev. “In the morning the enemy attacked Zaporizhia again. Information that citizens heard about the explosions is being clarified,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the mayor said KharkivAnd Igor Terekovreported a Russian attack with two S-300 missiles on the infrastructure of the city’s industrial zone, and added that it would clarify whether there were casualties or damage.

Also the head of the regional military department l KharkivOle Sinhopov reported that there were new attacks in the region.

(with info from EFE and AFP)

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