Unknown persons pelted stones at a pharmacy and a government cafeteria in Havana

Unknown persons pelted stones at a pharmacy and a government cafeteria in Havana

Reparto La Víbora, two government agencies in the municipality of Diez de Octubre Havanawere was stoned In the early hours of Sunday, August 21, according to neighbors and witnesses who spoke to DIARIO DE CUBA.

The affected premises are the pharmacy located at the intersection of Maya Rodriguez and O’Farrill streets and the Sylvain del Menago cafeteria on Maya Rodriguez and Avenida Acosta.

Lourdes, a worker at Maya Rodriguez’s pharmacy, promised “Sunday morning they stoned the windows of the dispensary. Despite the light nobody saw anything.”

“We broke the glass door and closed it with iron, immediately the police came and are investigating the incident. And Sylvain was stoned in the corner. We are very cautious about what could happen.”The clerk pointed out.

Jorge Ortiz, a resident of Sylvain Cafeteria, a chain of state-owned candy shops and bakeries, said: “We felt noises and blows. When we left, we didn’t see anyone. D.Everything was very fast, but we discovered that they threw stones at the dispensary and at Sylvain in the corner.”

“There was light. The damage was minor. Then the police came and took scent prints and started investigating. It was filled with patrols, but we didn’t arrest anyone,” he added.

“The situation is very bad,” Ortiz stressed, referring to similar cases It has been reported across the island in recent weeks.

According to Cuban authorities, RRecently in the municipality of Diez de Octubre Two men threw a Molotov cocktail Opposite a government store on Calle Porvenir. According to official spokesman Humberto Lopez, two suspects were arrested A controversial appearance In Star News Cuban Television.

however, At this time there is no official statement on the events of the last hours.

Likewise, Two fires at Cuban state ranch It would have happened on the night of August 22According to social media posts.

One of the incidents took place in Ranchon Las Antenas, Vajay neighborhood, Poirots, Havana, and the other at the Military Recreation Center in Pastorita neighborhood, Caparroca, Madanzas. There is no official version of the two events, although videos have been released showing flames at the locations.

If these incidents are confirmed, the number of farms burnt this month in the country will rise to four.

In the early hours of August 16, A similar incident destroyed Cabaret El CannyIt was recently remodeled, in Minas de Matahambre, Pinar del RioAccording to official radio station Radio Minas.

On August 5, the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power of the Municipality of Rafael Freire in Holguin approved it. A state Ranjan of that territory was vandalizedAfter strangers set fire at night.

Further The archive of the famous court of the municipality of Centro Habana was deliberately set on fire. Last August 13.

In this regard, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Condemned “Unscrupulous citizens tried to destroy” the above file. The fire was reported earlier In social media and independent pressand claimed by a group calling themselves the New Nation of Cuba.

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