Campazzo: “Argentina is always competitive” | Seeing the base before the game against scary Canada

Campazzo: “Argentina is always competitive” |  Seeing the base before the game against scary Canada

Facundo Campazzo, the natural leader of the Argentine basketball team, noted that the Albiceleste team “always” is competitive when facing various international competitions. A few days before the second stage of the Continental Rankings kicks off towards the 2023 World Cup with a match against Canada for the fourth knockout window, Kordofan has highlighted a concept that appears to be cherished in an ancient stump of memories, based on the uneven team performance at the Tokyo Olympics.

“When it comes to playing, Argentina is always competitive. They can win, they can lose, but the main thing is the intent to continue to create a collective identity,” said the base guard whose last team was the Denver Nuggets in the NBA. The team led by Nestor ‘Che Garcia’ of Bahia quietly advanced to the qualifying stage of the American draw (with a number 5-1) and will face the start of Group E against a strong opponent, the only one with a perfect record. With 6-0 expressive.

Campazzo insisted, referring to Thursday’s match at 11:40 p.m. Argentina time in Victoria.

For Peñarol de Mar del Plata and former Real Madrid player, the main thing “after the result is to continue to build the identity of the team”. “We still have the extra pass, the strict defense and the creation of a collective identity that allows us to compete on an equal footing against different forces,” the Argentine strategist explained in comments to AM 530 radio.

These characteristics of the game can be seen in the team’s performance in the World Cup in China 2019, where the runner-up was crowned after losing the final against Spain (75-95) with a wonderful team performance that is almost perfect. But for Campazzo, such a brilliant performance at the World Cup, which allowed the imposition of powers such as Serbia or France, could have “slightly hurt” the Argentine team at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. And the player was blunt: “So this situation put us a little pressure; the level we got in China left us at a very high level. And it ended up having repercussions against us.”

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Regarding his situation in the NBA, without a team at the moment, Campazzo was quiet “knowing that the situation is not something that depends on me, it is not at my fingertips.” “I generally don’t feel comfortable when these kinds of issues arise, but in this particular case I’m very calm waiting for the people who work with me to call,” he said. “Being with the national team in this setup helps me a little bit not to think about the other, and not to get too anxious. But I know that my agents, when there is something to communicate with, will do so without a doubt and together we will choose the best alternative for my future”, concluded Campazzo.

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