Until 2014 I was number 9 in the world and after that … it was all over: Pipa

Until 2014 I was number 9 in the world and after that … it was all over: Pipa

Gonzalo Higuain He spent more than 10 years playing in the European elite, in clubs like Real MadridAnd the NaplesAnd the JuventusAnd the Chelsea a Milan Italian club, A move that was filled with praise, but also criticism, also on the level of Argentina national team, Remember that In his time he was the best number 9 until that terrible failure against Germany At the end of 2014 Brazil World Cup.

The Pumps He brought up the subject when they asked him what he would advise Lotaro Martinez, Forward from Inter Who is awarded all the accolades Argentina, But He thinks that if they touch a calamity like him, they will end up ‘murdered’.

First I would like to tell you to be calm. At the moment, as far as Lotaro, they are all spoiled in the national team. Which is what happened to me until the final in Germany. Until 2014 I was number 9 in the world, s After Germany, everything is over. Until then, he had scored nine goals in the qualifying rounds, which no one said, because let’s not forget that you have to score goals in the qualifying rounds to reach the World Cup.

“Now everything is pink with him … and Lotaro, Lautaro and Lautaro … But the time may come, maybe the World Cup or at America’s Cup, That you have bad luck Missed a main goal, Lautaro is no longer the Lautaro. It no longer works, and this and that. I’ll tell him, then, that you don’t have to believe yourself the best or the worst, “he said in an interview with La Nacion.

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Higuain He believes that time will do him justice and will be appreciated in his countryBut for now he’s highlighting that he was the single player most connected to him Lionel Messi s Cristiano Ronaldo, With whom he encounters in the Biceleste and in Real Madrid s Juventus, Straight.

“If you are the footballer who has played the most with both of them, then I understand them the most. You understand.” Christiano And understand Messi…, The problem is not their problem, the problem is yours. I knew what they liked, what they didn’t like, how they felt most comfortable, and how uncomfortable they felt. So they felt they could count on me, too. When they have a player who is 100% on their side, they don’t feel detached from all responsibilities. They are two completely different players, and I had the privilege to enjoy and learn from them, ”he added.

Higuaín lives without pressure in the MLS

In 2020 he signed on Inter Miami After his stint at Juventus, a move he’s actually been looking for ever since I wanted to release all the stress that came with playing for the elite, Both from the claim of fans and the press, who made him notice even when he changed his looks.

The other day I was thinking about all that is left behind us, years of demands and responsibilities, country changes and moves, which, whether you want it or not, destabilize your head. Now I feel very happy that I achieved what I wanted, which is to get out of that bubble of pressure and demands, that journalism She was talking about me at all times, about crowd harassment … Football here is not a priority, there are other sports that bear this pressure.

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“The league is growing and will continue to grow. But here, People on the streets do not judge you because you missed or scored a goalHe doesn’t judge you if you’ve been fired or not. The same thing happens with the press. So I live quietly. Something I was looking for. I am very happy because I am happy. Happy with the decision I made, “he commented.

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