Fast & Furious is heading to space with a new movie

Fast & Furious is heading to space with a new movie

French The Fast and the Furious It is officially heading to outer space. The new F9 trailer released Wednesday morning revealed one of the most surprising twists ever when (Ludacris(And Roman)Teres Gibson) Buckled their spacesuits.

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Their flying car turned into its own missile and sent them into the atmosphere before cutting off the scene. You’ll have to see what happens next in theaters this June. To the star of the franchise Vin Diesel And the director Justin LinThese new locations are exciting, and the franchise’s take into space is not taken lightly.

“That’s one of the magical things about this saga … We can travel to all these wonderful places,” said Diesel during a virtual press conference. F9.

Part of the reason is fasting 10 It should be divided into two different films because there is a lot of flooring to cover. There are many places in the world that we have to visit.

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It remains to be seen if part of what the last Fast & Furious couple is set to happen in space.

F9 opens exclusively in theaters June 25.

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