Urge to work so that PLD is the main force

Urge to work so that PLD is the main force

in a Meeting Held this Friday by Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) with the heads of its various secretariats, and President for that organization and previous president for the republic, Danilo MedinaShe urged action to consolidate the opposition party as a major political force in the country.

At the plenary meeting, in which vice presidentAnd Themistocles MontasAnd Medina He moderated discussions and advocated playing an oppositional role, setting positions on discussion topics at the local and international level, signaling an institutional note.

He pointed out that the Secretariat, as an organ Central Committee of the PLDIt is he who determines and recommends the political leadership to the positions of the party in each of its areas of competence.

“Take you Leadership, meet, defend party positions, follow in reconsidering for business government Take on the role of the opposition with responsibility, expressed former boss On the Meeting held in Professor Juan Bosch’s room From the political committee office of PLD, located on Dr. Pinheiro Street in the University District of the National District, adds the note from PLD.

Although Secretary General Charles Mariotti apologised, Themistocles Montas Make an industrial diagnosis of the state of the country dominated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the concern about the high levels of inflation affecting the economy.

See this also Juan Ariel Jimenez vice president From PLD From the outside with the Zoom platform, it has exhausted a turnaround that addresses the economic issue and challenges of the year just beginning.

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Attendees have exhausted roles in presenting ideas and suggestions and advocating for the work of efforts government pedesta

at the end of Meeting An official invitation was issued for the month of February next, “in order to start operating each of the structures that make up the General Secretariat.”

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