Uribe Peralta announces his retirement as a professional player

Uribe Peralta announces his retirement as a professional player

The 38-year-old striker has yet to find a new team to say goodbye to the fields

Uribe Peralta He announced his farewell from the courts next WednesdayOnly when he turned 38 and after his separation from Chivas did not find a good option to continue his career.

The historic Mexican striker, who made his debut in the ring on February 22, 2003 with Monarcas Morelia, nearly 19 years ago, They announced the official announcement on their social networks, as advanced ESPN.

“19 years of professional poncho wearing, plus a lifetime of dedication and devotion. This is my way of saying goodbye and above all thanks to you, my hobby and everyone who made this dream possible. ¡Valen Oro!”, a message accompanied by a touching video.

The 2:22-minute video begins with a series of caricatures from the beginnings of Uribe Peralta In football and his first experiences with the ball, which made him realize his dream of becoming a professional.

“I was always tied to the ball. If you ask me, this has been a huge success in my life. Football depends on the ball so that I can be able to, and that’s how I stuck to it, as if my existence depended on it too.”

In the clip, the striker now reveals that although the ball gave him moments of joy, when he played until the night with his friends, he was also present in the difficult moments of his professional career.

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“Ball has been my unconditional friend and company. He has shared with me every single one of the shirts I have had the honor to wear, remaining faithful and sober while listening to me speak of my happiness. The same when I told him of my frustrations and my battles.”

“In his role as a teacher, he was tough. He defied my resistance like everyone else, and is also the cause of the most painful blows my body has ever received, the most serious fall I have ever had, and which far from being the one that fell on the pitch, were the products of that weakness. , which sometimes allows you to materialize as you see and makes you see what it is really made of.”

Peralta has played in Morelia, Leon, Monterrey, Santos, Jaguares, America and Chivas, although this last stage in the flock was the worst of his career, scoring just one goal from the penalty spot in 33 Liga MX matches played for Guadalajara. Another much more in the defunct Copa MX.

Peralta ended the letter by thanking the ball, in addition to being with him for a large part of his life, for being his inseparable friend who has brought him closer to millions of people in the 19 years his career has lasted, which has added four MX Leagues, an MX Cup, two CONCACAF Champions League and a Gold Cup The CONCACAF Cup, Pan American Games and a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

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Uribe Peralta The two goals he scored against Brazil in the final as Mexico beat Amazon 2-1 at Wembley Stadium to win the gold medal in 2012 will always be remembered, as well as the mark he left especially among the Santos Laguna and America fans. Where he lived the best phases of his life as a footballer between 2010 and 2018.

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