Uriel Antunna’s salary is the only detail to close the transaction between the US and Sivas

Uriel Antunna’s salary is the only detail to close the transaction between the US and Sivas

Hector Hurta says Cர்டrdoba has already agreed to his terms of pay and that ‘Brujo’ must accept the offer to terminate the contract.

Mexico – Based on the report Hector Hurta, Analyst ESPN, Salary Uriel Antunna There is only one obstacle for the player Sivas Obtained by United States2022 faces the end.

In the last hours the version about the transfer of Uriel Antuna to the Copa team was reaffirmed, which could be transferred to both national teams Sebastian Cordova.

Hector Hurda assures Sebastian Cordova that he has already reached an economic agreement with the board of directors of Sivas to turn the Los Angeles Galaxy’s MLS attacker into something the other party has not achieved, their reinforcement for the new year.

To say Hector Hurta, Between orders that “the matter is now settled”, but “Antuna refuses to negotiate with the United States on the question of his salary, the terms of the transfer, because it will be changed player-wise, without money”.

He added that if one of the two players is sold to Europe, it will be a definite transfer, and each club will have a percentage of players because both have a forecast of emigration. Everyone believes their player is worth a certain amount.

Cordova has already set his salary with Sivas; He agrees to the change because he knows he will not have a chance with Santiago Solari, and it’s awful because he’s a great footballer; Unfortunately, it was a slightly cold chest. Cordova is a player, he has to send more to the stands.

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Condition of Antuna It was different in terms of his character CordovaDespite spending $ 12 million, his team did not like him as much as the Americans, which he did not earn on the field. “Everything in it can be counted and the operation can be shut down from one moment to another.”

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