Uruguayan Basketball League 2021-2022 full match

Uruguayan Basketball League 2021-2022 full match

The 2021-2022 Uruguay Basketball League match has already been scheduled and the Monday October 25 With Begua exit defending his title.

The dispute format will open with a regular stage of the tournament with two rounds, all against all, with the top four teams advancing directly to the quarter-finals while those in fifth to twelfth place will compete in play to complete the other teams. Four rankings to the quarter-finals to determine the champion in the playoff system.

Marcelo Ehrlich, Alvaro Buturera and Ricardo Fierro

The last two to fall after the regular stage will lose the category and must play El Metro 2022.

Idea Vilariño room in full swing

The game will play the fifth against the twelfth, the sixth against the eleventh, the seventh against the tenth and the eighth against the ninth.

Sergio Benitez, Director of FUBB

The draw wanted Uruguay’s basketball classic, Aguada-Goes, to be set on the thirteenth and final day. Both teams have an agreement to play at Palacio Peñarol. At the same stage, the first classic game will be played with an audience between Nacional and Penarol. In the 2021 league, they played in Florida, but tricolor president Ariel Martinez said they have not yet decided where they will play that game.

The league will attend Urupán, the 2020 El Metro champion, and Olivol Mundial for the first time.

Bigwa will come out to defend the title won in 2021 in the finals against Nacional.

Jose Guerrero, from Begua

This was the draw for the contest.

first date
Maccabi Penarol Hebraica
University of Begoa, Urundai
National Troville
Malvin Aguada
Defensor Sporting-Oliful Mundial

second date
Hebraika McCabe Malvin
National Global Oliful
Olympia Defender Sporting
Troville European
University of Urunday-Goes

Third date
Hebraika McCabe Olympia
University of Urundai – Trouville
National – Bijou
Defender Sporting Malvin
Capitol Aguada
European Olivier Mondial

Fourth date
Malvin European
Aguada-Defensor Sporting
Oliful Mondial-Capitol
Maccabi Pegua Hebraica
University of Peñarol Urunday
Joyce Trouville
National Olympia

Fifth date
Peugeot Malvin
National Aguada
Capitol Penarol
truffle Hebrew Maccabi
Defensor Sporting Joyce
Olympia-Oliful Mondial
University of Urundai-Urban

Sixth date
Hebraika Maccabi Defender Sporting
European Penarol
Capitol Goose
Olympia Begua
University of Urunday-Aguada
Malvin National
Oliful Mondial Trouville

Seventh date
Goes- Hebrew Maccabi
Penarol Olympia
National University of Urundai
Peugeot Troville
Sporting-Urban defender
Aguada-Olivol Mundial
Malvin Capitol

Eighth date
Hebraika McCabe Aguada
The world of Peñarol Olivol
National Defender Sporting
Olympia European
University of Urundai – Malvin
Troville Capitol

ninth date
Oliful Mundial – Hebraika McCabe
Defender Sporting Peñarol
European Juice
University of Urundai – Olympia
National Capitol
Malvin Trouville

tenth date
Oliful Mundial Malvin
Capitol Defender Sporting
European Aguada
Hebraica Macabi-Urunday University
Peugeot Penarol
National go
Olympia Trouville

eleventh date
National-Hebrew Maccabi
Penarol Malvin
Goes-Olivol Mundial
University of Urundai – Defensor Sporting
truffle aguada

twelfth date
Hebrew Capitol Maccabi
Penarol Trouville
Malvin Joyce
University of Oliful Mundial, Urundai
Defender Sporting Begua
National European

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thirteenth date
Hebraica Macabi-Urupán
National Penarol
Malvin Olympia
University of the Capitol of Urundai
Olivol Mundial-Biguá
Truffle Defender Sporting

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