Uruguay’s Confederation is defending itself and ensuring 35 people in each club – Recovery – 20/03/2021

Uruguay’s Confederation is defending itself and ensuring 35 people in each club – Recovery – 20/03/2021

Behind the Warning from the National Sports Secretariat that the Uruguay Basketball League may be suspended calendar Nacional and Pinarol They did not comply with sanitary measures in Tri-color victory Thursday night, The Uruguay Basketball Federation (FUBB) He issued a statement insisting that he had not violated protocols and listed what had happened in Florida.

This is the signed statement of the 2020/2021 Uruguayan Basketball League schedule. “FUBB has been found guilty of strict compliance with the relevant health measures, before, during and after the match between Nacional and Peñarol. Verification, on site, that the compliance officials of both clubs, permanently during the match, required the use of chin lift and physical distancing from those close to them.”

“The aforementioned meeting was attended by 35 persons for each club, according to previously authorized lists, without prejudice to the attendance of other persons, members of public and private security services, publicity for the show, Florida Intendance and FUBB employees.”

“We will open an example of an internal analysis of the situation and the final application of the relevant standards and penalties before invading the registered court at the end of the meeting,” he added.

Finally, FUBB is committed to ensuring compliance with the guidelines of national authorities, with the aim of ensuring the continuity and development of the nation’s major professional basketball tournament, and preserving thousands of jobs that generate and reach audiovisual entertainment for the entire population through TV and radio broadcasts.

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It should be remembered that the National Sports Secretariat (SND) decided to limit the maximum number of people in each club to 30 people who might be in a “formal or friendly” game, including team members. And that the possibility of suspending activity even if the required procedures are not fulfilled has been dealt with.

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