The Forensic Institute will assess Nez’s health in the new prison she has been transferred to

The Forensic Institute will assess Nez’s health in the new prison she has been transferred to

La Paz, March 20 (EFE). – The Director General of the Bolivian Prison System, Juan Carlos Lempias, said this Saturday that the court order to transfer the former interim president Janine Náñez to a clinic was revoked by the judge and he decided to transfer her to another prison to the Institute of Forensic Medicine to be responsible for “checking the health status” of the authority Previous.

The former interim president of Bolivia was transferred early on Saturday to another prison and not to a clinic, a situation that sparked controversy with the country’s justice.

Lempias explained at a press conference at the Ministry of Government headquarters in La Paz that this decision was overturned by the judge in the case himself, Armando Zibalos, and it was decided that the Criminal Investigation Institute (IDIF) would “verify” the authenticity of Anez in prison.

The Director General of the Bolivian Prison System indicated that in Miraflores women’s prison there are “all necessary tools” to treat the health problems of the former interim president, either by a general practitioner or a specialist.

Sanez was taken by surprise in an ambulance under heavy security from the Oprahs Women’s Orientation Center, where she has been detained since last Monday, to Miraflores Prison.

“They let me out and tell me I’m going to the South Clinic,” Ones told the media upon arrival at his new destination, Miraflores Prison.

Carolina Ribera, daughter of Anez, spoke in a video posted on social networks about her mother’s “delicate health status”, denouncing the “arbitrary transfer” at dawn on Saturday from one prison to another.

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Ribera said he would take his mother’s case before international bodies such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

United Nations Mission

The Director General of the Bolivian Prison System indicated that “to avoid any kind of vulnerability” and after coordination between the government of Louis Archie and the United Nations High Commissioner, UN representatives were permitted entry into the prison to verify Anez’s health. Case.

Efe has been able to verify that that UN mission has entered the prison, which, according to one of its members, is responding to that call in accordance with its mandate and will conduct technical monitoring and monitoring of the previous temporary situation. President.

Lempias also confirmed that he would “allow” a relative to enter Miraflores prison so that he could verify that he received the appropriate attention, and reiterated that the “rights” of the former interim president had not been violated.

On the other hand, Minister of Justice Evan Lima said that in the face of complaints from the son of the former Minister of the Interim Presidency, Yarko N نñez, wanted for justice, and the nephew of the former interim president against the police for abuse of power in the arrests of previous authorities, in the Amazon region of Beni, it was asked The Office of the Ombudsman obtain information about alleged acts of torture.

Nez was imprisoned after her arrest last Saturday morning in the Amazon region of Penny. After an indictment session, a preventive warrant for her arrest was issued for a period of four months while the so-called “coup” case was being investigated. Because of the 2019 crisis that led to the resignation of Evo Morales as president.

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Besides Onez, his former interim ministers, Alvaro Coimbra, of Justice, and Rodrigo Guzmán of the Energy Company, were also held for the same period in San Pedro Prison in La Paz.

Thousands of people marched this week for and against these arrests, which the Bolivian opposition considers “unfair” and “political persecution”, while the ruling party indicates that “justice” is being achieved.

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