Urunday Universitario defeated Truville on historic Uruguay basketball day – Dedication – 04/12/2021

Urunday Universitario defeated Truville on historic Uruguay basketball day – Dedication – 04/12/2021

Urundi University s Truffle The seventh date was opened from Uruguayan Basketball League. The match ended in a painful victory for Studious, but history will remember it as the match for the first time Three Ruling Ladies. Valentina DorigoAnd the Vivienne Garcia s Alejandra Godoy They were the pioneers who opened the closed door to this day.

The Three Judges of Urundi - Truville.  Photo: Marcelo Bonjour.
Valentina Dorigo, Vivien Garcia and Alejandra Godoy. Photo: Marcelo Bonjour.

The first half showed a Aurondi Edging managed to take off at the end of the second quarter, after the former had finished just one point over Rojo de Positos. The partial result, from 45 to 36, was consistent with the difference between the two teams in the standings.

Before the long break, the scholar has received good contributions from his foreigners Marcus ElliottWith 13 points and four assists, Corbyn Jackson 10 points and eight rebounds. For this part, Truffle He had good minutes from Santiago Massa on the bench, which gave him 11 points for his long-distance efficiency.

Aurondae finished the third quarter by eight points, despite the effort of Chukaro Street, who were two points ahead, led by the bulk of Damien Tinturelli. However, Tyron Lee appears to support the Biguá researcher.

In the final quarter, Rojo left everything on the field to pass Urunday one on the penultimate ball with a Mariani duo, but Germán Silvarrey with a hat-trick 20 seconds before the end gave him the lead for the two again. Elliott put the freestyle (the number 26 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds) in the 87-84 finish. Urundi remains among those above, and Truvel never raises his head.

Auranda - Truffle.  Foto: Marcelo Hello.
Auranda – Truffle. Foto: Marcelo Hello.

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