Shots in a public place in Roldán full of people apparently settling scores

Shots in a public place in Roldán full of people apparently settling scores

Lots of people did this throughout the day to stock up on chairs, tables, and coolers. Vendors of toast, pororo cakes and handicrafts have also settled on the property. Teens and children have chosen to use the beach where the skate park is located to play with skateboards, reels and bicycles.

It was packed. No one imagined that there would be shots in the middle of the afternoon, and after a panic, passers-by would have to flee to get away from the site of conflict and take cover.. Several witnesses said that the events began in another field.

Some managed to notice men on motorbikes entering the Green Zone where there were youths who fought with them. Then, explosions of what appeared to be a firearm were heard in the Corniche area of ​​the station.

Before calling 911, The command received information that an armed man had apparently withdrew from the scene on a red high-displacement motorcycle. Finally, they got there In Amenábar and Tucumán. This is a 26-year-old youth from Roldán who has not found any weapons Hours after his arrest, he was released.

Later, after interviewing witnesses, Police developed a hypothesis that the shots were fired by a man on a motorcycle accompanied by two other motorcycles and several other people, all from Carcaranía.

The attack would be retaliation or retaliation for a robbery that occurred in that city, and the perpetrator or perpetrators of the event would reside in Roldan and they were on the Sunday at the beach where the incidents occurred. For now, the police have not been able to find the suspects in Karkarana.

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