US prosecutors accuse Google of trying to crush Samsung’s Galaxy Store to eliminate competition

US prosecutors accuse Google of trying to crush Samsung’s Galaxy Store to eliminate competition


July 8, 2021, 22:56 GMT

From Google they described litigation against him and ensuring that his Play Store is “strongly and fairly” as “rare”.

About thirty US attorneys have submitted a the demand against Google where they accused the company of engaging in anti-competitive practices in its attempt to “proactively eliminate” Samsung’s Galaxy Store and prevent it from becoming a serious competitor to a similar service, the Play Store.

In the document, shared by the edgeGoogle allegedly paid app developers to stop them from cheating on its platform, and that’s it Try to control the distribution of Android Appsتطبيق Illegally.

Google’s alleged tactics described in the lawsuit include the use of revenue sharing agreements with Android mobile device manufacturers that stipulate an outright ban on pre-installation of other app stores on devices, which, according to the lawsuit, “is a direct attempt to push Samsung out of relationships with major developers.” and reduce competition through the Samsung Galaxy Store.”

The document’s authors also point out that Google worked with app developers, paid them and placed restrictions on distribution to encourage them not to leave them outside the Play Store. In his opinion, these policies were the “direct result” of Epic Games’ decision to distribute It is an electronic game outside your Play Store. “For Google, the competition in the distribution of ‘apps’ is Virus that must be eradicatedThe suit is read.

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Google described the lawsuit against him as “rare” and ensured that its Play Store “compete vigorously and fairly”. Wilson White, the company’s senior director of public policy, wrote in Articles The company argued that the lawsuit “ignored the opening of Android” and stated that, unlike other operating systems, such as iOS, you can always download an “app” “from a competitor’s app store or directly from a developer’s website.”

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