Woman talking about payments and closed stories

Woman talking about payments and closed stories

Miami, United States. – For a few years it has been known that many of the program’s stories Case closed It is void and most of those who attend the famous telemundo show They are the actors.

A woman who participated in the program some time ago revealed the payment details of the actors and the stories he participated in. Dr. Anna Maria Polo Delivers her verdict as a judge.

The Tictoker Melamilla They revealed that they hire regular people to follow a script that is being prepared on the same day.

The young woman revealed that she was asked a little about her life and the other guests as well. Then they put together the story and gave them three hours to learn the script.

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confirmed that Dr. Polo You don’t know the stories until they are presented to you in a show recording.

In addition, he admitted that he gets paid somewhere in between 200 and 400 dollars For people who live in Miami. Those who arrive from another city are paid for a flight, hotel, food, and participation in the show.

Tiktoker also admitted that 6 to 8 cases are shot daily and that each one is made by a different manufacturer.

For people who make up Year Paid between $50 and $70 to spend 8 hours while filming each episode.

He admitted that the “evidence” presented in the cases was recorded in the same studio or outside it.

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Children also receive a payment, but they must first obtain permission from their parents.

This is how it all revealed:


When were you a plaintiff in a closed case? ## Cassicerado

♬ Original Sonido – Milamila2.2


When I participate in a closed state ## Cassicerado

♬ Original Sonido – Milamila2.2

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