US Soccer formalizes equal pay agreement between USMNT and USWNT

US Soccer formalizes equal pay agreement between USMNT and USWNT

After it was announced last February that US Football and the USWNT had agreed Signing of a collective agreement to ensure equal pay For female players in relation to the salary earned at USMNTThis Wednesday, the United States Federation made the deal official, so equal pay in American football is now an official fact.

As part of the official announcement of this deal, US Soccer co-announced Athletes Association United States women’s national team And the United States National Team Players Association accept the official terms of the agreement Wage equality will be in effect until 2028.

Through this, players on the U.S. women’s team will receive the same salary and economic contracts as the men’s team.Compensation will be completely the same for World Cups and other competitions involving the USWNT and USMNT.

One of the key features of the signing of this agreement may be the non-economic benefits to the players of the women’s teams. Health and safety services are part of the benefits of this contract improvement for American women’s football. If an athlete is absent due to pregnancy, he may continue to receive the amount specified in this new contract.

After the official signing of this Agreement, U.S. Soccer is proud to be the first federation in the world to officially receive a uniform salary To their men’s and women’s teams.

Other details about the equal pay agreement for the USWNT and the USMNT

Business income equals

The signing of the agreement enables the USWNT and USMNT teams to share 50/50 of the revenue through broadcasts, sponsorships and business partners. Since this type of business deal was previously only for men’s teams, it will also fully benefit the players.

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Benefits after retirement

Like many footballers, they enjoy life to the fullest when they retire from the field. US Soccer guarantees $ 400,000 payments to USWNT and USMNT playersWith a balance of 5% of the compensation received by the players.

Same working conditions for both teams

The USWNT will receive the same standard of competition and training venues as the USMNT, and will be offered the same amount of resources for the same standard hotel accommodation. For future trips to official competitions.

Except, Players will have fully qualified staff to provide the best conditions for training, recovery, rehabilitation and nutrition before, during and after matches.

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