PREPA announces the possibility of a power outage until Sunday due to the generation deficit

PREPA announces the possibility of a power outage until Sunday due to the generation deficit

CEO of Electric Power Authority (AEE), Jose Colon, today, Wednesday, reported the possibility of Scheduled outages or selective power outages until next Sunday, May 22nd, due to generation deficit to meet the demand.

Through a press release, Kowloon pointed out that Unit No. 2 of the Aguirre Factory, in SalinasIt has a boiler break that limits its production and will require removal from service to fix it.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the following base or main units Disabled and unavailable for several years: Module 10 of the San Juan Power Plant (March 2016), Module 8 of the San Juan Power Plant (June 2021), Module 1 of Steam from the Aguirre Combined Cycle (October 2021), Module CT 2-1 from Aguirre combined cycle (July 2021), Module CT 2-2 of Aguirre combined cycle (September 2016), Module No. 2 of Aguirre combined cycle (June 2017) and Module No. 1 of Aguirre power plant (September 2011).

According to Kowloon, the above is equivalent to about 574 MW not available.

According to the CEO, PREPA is currently carrying out scheduled repairs at Units 5 of the San Juan plant, No. 1 of the Aguirre plant, No. 6 of the Costa Sur plant, and 1-A and 1-B in Mayagüez.

Units 5 of the San Juan Power Plant and Unit 1 of the Aguirre Power Plant are expected to return to service at the end of June 2022. Meanwhile, Units 1-A and 1-B of the Mayagüez Power Plant, as well as Unit #6 of Central South Coast He will return to operations next Sunday or before.

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“The above scenario and given the projected power demand for the day of 2,845 MW, indicates that if at any time of the day Unit #2 departed from the Aguirre plant until Unit #6 from the south central coast, It will be very likely that we will not have enough generation to meet the demand. This will lead to outage during periods when we don’t have enough generation To meet demand,” Colon said in the statement.

He urged clients to implement the measures – which are not detailed – while PREPA handled the situation, and called on them to stay updated through the public institution’s social networks.

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