USA de Galle: A 180-degree turn to the future of Juan Carlos Osorio

USA de Galle: A 180-degree turn to the future of Juan Carlos Osorio

Condition of Juan Carlos Osorio vacated in the United States This Sunday took a serious turn, after his team was defeated Deportivo Pereira And qualify for the final of the Colombian Championship.

60 year old coach I was on a rope If the Scarlets do not join the big Bedplay League party.

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He was almost sentenced to leave American team, Valle del Cauca after the 18th Lost to equity And they will be left with minimal chances of getting into home runs.

However, The last two games were won by USA de Gaulle He took advantage of the failures of the ‘against all’ phase Envicado, Bucaramanga and Jaguars On the 20th, the next event will be promised.

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With this part record, Osorio’s situation took the turn they had been waiting for so long, He and the team will support the coach’s continuity for the 2022 season, whether they reach the league title or not, from the final.

Osorio, who came in with great anticipation last July, has so far suffered two defeats with the Reds. Copa was expelled from Sudamericana, From Copa Bedplay And eventually lose Superlica Before Independente Santa Fe.

The Red Devils qualified for the final as their last chance to stay on the bench. He did.

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