Yisrael Rojas calls those who did not understand Buena’s words in Unnatural

Yisrael Rojas calls those who did not understand Buena’s words in Unnatural

Singer and songwriter Yisrael Rojas, a supporter and defender of the totalitarian regime in Cuba, described those among his audience who did not understand the duo’s words as “extraordinary”. good well They wrote to him disappointed with his official positions.

The pejorative qualifier was used by Rojas in a conversation/download transmitted over the teacher’s social networks Carlos LazoA lobbyist for the Cuban regime working to lobby for the lifting of the US embargo, through his “Puentes de Amor” initiative.

Accompanied by singer and songwriter man And his artistic partner, Yoel Martinez, as well as Professor Lazo, the composer attacked those who, according to him, are now disappointed with their political struggle, who did not notice any signs in the lyrics of their songs.

“If you are still a fan of Buena Fe and Israel Rojas after listening to this; bros, analyze well, they told you not normal,” tweeted user known as El Ingeniero, sharing a clip from the “download” recording, in which Rojas describes his fans as The “unnatural” who say they don’t understand their current. Allied position with the Cuban regime.

What have we become? You were the gay you believed in… Wow, I’m sorry… Wow, I’m sorry… It’s not that I want to offend you… But it was you… Did you never understand “psychology”, man? Said Rojas at one point in his conversation with his comrades.

In defense of the coherence of his musical production, Rojas insulted those who interpreted his songs as an expression of the interests and desires of Cuban youth, and now sees in the musician’s statements a personality completely detached from these issues, focused on defending “continuity”. The government inherited from the hands of the Castro dictators.

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“Did you never understand that ‘Psychology’ is a problem against the big corporations that are destroying the planet? Did you never understand ‘Walking Naked’? in my eyes, without looking at the ray in my eyes.You can apply Spyglass to yourself,” said Rojas, accusing those who did not understand the “true meaning” of his songs.

“You see me on Mars or Pluto, but you don’t see the little toe of your foot. Because the song is two-way. It’s very easy to judge and walk away from these media constructions, but life is more than that,” said the singer-songwriter who is considered by many of his fans today as a collaborator Life is love, it is cooperation, it is cooperation.

She did not wait for reactions in social networks to the term “unnatural” that Rojas used arrogantly. “Never normal!” said one social network user “Never good!”

“And now Yisrael Rojas insults the intelligence of those who were his fans. You must laugh at these singing”; “The anomaly is his strength in supporting a totalitarian dictatorship that has brought nothing but horror and misery to his country. The others replied that he needed a lot more #VerguenzaContraMentira.”

“Brother, this guy is a pig, another pig from the pigsty that the communists represent in our country, the real opportunist. Now he sang against the empire. Like many others, Rojas commented,” said an angry user, like many others.

For his part, the singer and songwriter emerged from the controversy caused by the networks by describing him as “unnatural”, against his followers who did not understand the message of his songs.

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“Well, I already have a new campaign! Every day, I receive insults, threats of all kinds and slanders of all kinds on social networks from people who claim to have interpreted songs in a certain way and now they come asking me to account for their interpretation,” Rojas said on Sunday via Twitter.

Rojas insisted on calling those who turn to him disappointed with his political position “abnormal”, and explained the emergence of what he saw as a new “campaign” against him.

“They extracted part of a directive issued by Professor Carlos Lazo of Havana when he came to make donations to Cuba for the benefit of the poorest communities. It is for this reason that, to the surgeon’s precision, they extracted a phrase to discredit again.”

“It is a great anomaly to be threatened and abused to try to change people… It is a great anomaly, to make a story describing what is not considered a crime… It is unnatural to attack the efforts of those of us who support Carlos Lazo and his united efforts”, concluded the composer in a series His tweets are on Twitter, without any trace of remorse or conciliatory effort.

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