USA: Expulsion of Immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela – International

USA: Expulsion of Immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela – International

US immigration authorities reminded migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela on Monday that a plan went into effect Sunday that allows them to be immediately deported back to Mexico if they do not obtain pre-approval to request a humanitarian permit to enter the country.

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US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed this Immigrants from these four countries must request prior permission to travel to the United StatesAnd Those who enter the country without documents will be expelled to the neighboring country “quickly”.

On January 5, President Joe Biden announced a plan to stem the large flow of immigrants across the country’s southern border. Under the plan, the United States will accept about 30,000 asylum seekers per month from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti, thus expanding a program it has already granted humanitarian permits to Venezuelans.

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Those who are deported to the neighboring country for crossing the southern border irregularly They will not be able to obtain humanitarian passesIn its Twitter messages, CBP confirmed that those arriving “illegally” in Panama and Mexico will not be able to request it.

To apply for humanitarian permission, immigrants from these four countries
You must have a sponsor in the United Stateswhich guaranteed them housing and food, among other necessities.

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With this plan, the White House intends to contain the arrival of immigrants to the southern border of the United States, which continues to score in large numbers.

The illegal immigrant is arrested by the border authorities

In December 2022, CBP reported that it intercepted 216,162 people at the country’s southwestern border, which represents 11% increase in the number of meetings compared to November.

CBP warned in a statement that the increase was “driven in large part by an increase in the number of people fleeing authoritarian regimes in Cuba and Nicaragua.”

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But he noted that Venezuelans who were previously part of that increase, Continues to arrive in ‘much smaller’ quantities As a result of the immigration control process that includes expulsions to Mexico and legal channels” in place since last October.

Venezuelans fell from about 1,100 per day (the week before this operation was announced), to nearly 100 per day steadily throughout December.


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