USA. Leonardo Cuellar has stopped coaching USA Fiminil

USA.  Leonardo Cuellar has stopped coaching USA Fiminil

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Leonardo Coyard He is no longer coach of USA After, afterDefeat the Eagles against Chivas in the Ladies’ Classic Held in Aztec Stadium, Where rojiblancas prevailed 4-2 and caused the departure of the strategist.

“I want to tell you that I submitted my resignation today And the council accepted it. “I think it’s an important moment to generate a positive reaction in the team,” Coyard said at a news conference.

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had and enjoyed this institution ‘

USA It is ranked ninth in the overall ranking however Football performance was not the best After defeating the herd, DT decided to step down. While the last goal in the Coyar Era was action Jana Gutierrez.

It was not the level expected for America

The coach stressed that what was shown tonight was not at the level of a team like the Eagles And he realized that there was no longer an understanding of his idea.

“In the classics, you have to leave your skin on the playing field And if you can’t pass that on to your team, it is time to step down. I wish you all the best, it was a privilege and an honor to be there. “

Leo Cuellar I started on azulcrema bench since establishment Liga MX Women And was next to Ileana Davila From PumasOne of the coaches who remained immovable.

Leaving with the Liga MX title

With Cuellar, America reached the address at Opening 2018 He was not absent from Liguilla in subsequent tournaments and was close to 80 matches won at the helm of Coapa, his mark being 75.

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For this one Guard1anes 2021, Liu left the team with four wins, five draws and four losses, with a total of 17 points They knocked the club out of Liguilla centers after tonight’s score against the Tabatias.

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