USC vs. Oregon Score, Takeaways: Ducks Claim No. 13 Trojans for Second Straight Pack-12 title

USC vs. Oregon Score, Takeaways: Ducks Claim No. 13 Trojans for Second Straight Pack-12 title

The journey to get there was unusual, but Oregon captured its second straight back-12 championship on Friday night, bearing another late rally to win 31-24 from USC. USC entered for its credit with a last-minute win of 5-0, but the Trojans never got out of a 14-0 start, despite another late comeback attempt.

USC football lagged behind in the fourth quarter, but Ketan Slovis’ third night interception was a costly one. He made a misguided suggestion that the USC quarterback should be sidelined instead of throwing the football in Oregon territory as it came out of the pocket to avoid pressure for less than three minutes. The players retreated when Jamal Hill of Oregon tried to control the ball and tap the toes for interception after initially triggering the football.

Later, when the Boston College relocation brought Anthony Brown into the quarterback, Oregon went down first, allowing the Ducks clock to run within a minute before turning to USC. But the last attempt of the timeless Trojans did not work.

This is in line with the conference title predicted in the league’s preliminary media poll. But Oregon shouldn’t really be here. Instead, Washington (3-1) will have to represent the Pac-12 North in the title game. However, when the Huskies faced Kovit-19 problems they got second place favorite Oregon.

The Ducks climbed to 9th in the AB Top 25 poll at a 3-0 start before consecutive losses State of Oregon And in recent weeks the quarter has ended with opportunities to make any noise on the national scene. However, Oregon seemed to have burned the grief of those failures in the past on Friday. The Ducks picked Slovis twice in the first quarter and set up a pair of touchdowns as the Ducks took a 14-0 lead.

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Although the USC fought three times within Touchdown, the Trojans never got close. After a brief season of late athletes, their clutch magic is finally out.

Depth of soil to a pan, which impedes rooting

Brown did not play in the first five games of the Ducks that entered Friday night, but he attempted his first pass at a big moment in the first quarter he entered. Cornerback Diomodor Lenoir set Oregon in the USC 10-yard line with an interception in the first series of the USC. The Ducks faced a third and goal when Brown checked in to start the quarterback Tyler show and touched Jaylon Red to raise Oregon 7-0. Brown threw a short touchdown pass in the third quarter to lift Oregon 28-14, capturing a 14-play drive. Although Brown tried only four passes compared to Show 15, his presence as a second quarterback in the game was useful and something the Trojans did not see on the tape.

This is not the only time that the Oregon backup quarterback has made an impact. Redshirt newcomer Kale Millan, who was not listed as one of the Ducks’ first three quarterbacks, played in the special teams and managed the kickoff coverage in the second quarter.

Thebotox shines

Oregon Sophomore Defensive Result won the MVP Award for Keyvon Thebotox Game. He came in huge after recovering an onsite kick after trailing USC 28-17 in the third quarter. The Trojans seemed to steal the pace of the game by playing bold special teams. But then Thebotox removed Slovis from third place for a nine-yard loss, forcing USC Punt and control of the game in favor of Oregon. Thebodox finished with a total of five tackles, and the bass fractured as he continued to put pressure on Slovis’ face. He’s going to be a key factor in 2021 and one of the best defensive players in the country.

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