The victim’s testimony exacerbates the allegations against Andrew Cuomo

The victim’s testimony exacerbates the allegations against Andrew Cuomo
In the picture, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. EFE

Andrew Cuomo, a woman who works as an adviser to the New York governor, has become the latest person to be accused of sexual misconduct. According to media reports Times-Union, He promised The president “unnecessarily snatched” her from his private home..

The unidentified woman was summoned to the governor’s mansion Used to refer to the official residence of governors in the United States- To help you theoretically a minor technical problem on your cell phone.

However, the woman pointed there once The president closed the door of the room where they were and touched her under her robe without her permission. He assured her that this was not the first time he had touched her and that he would usually flirt with her.

This is the natural sixth and strongest accusation against Cuomo since his aide Lindsay Boyle published the first edition of an article on February 28th. The woman revealed the truth when the governor presented her first conference on March 3 to point out the allegations. In it, he said he did not touch anyone “inappropriately”.

Lindsay Boyle has accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment
Lindsay Boyle has accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

According to local media, the counselor began to cry when asked why she revealed what had happened.

Earlier allegations plunged the governor into a crisis that led to the resignation of several locals and the formation of a committee to investigate them.

Cuomo, who has been in office for 10 years, has publicly apologized for making women feel “embarrassed”, saying he has harassed them, but has denied touching any of them in an “inappropriate” way. He promised he would not resign. He stressed that he “respects” the investigation, but that the investigations must be resolved before any decision can be made.

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Cuomo management denied the allegations, but described the woman’s account as “catastrophic”. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m not going to talk about the details of this or any other complaint made during the trial, but I’m confident of what the Attorney General’s report will say.Said in a statement.

The new charge has already been reported to the New York Attorney General’s Office, while the governor’s office was notified this Monday.

People protest against the resignation of the Governor of New York
People protest against the resignation of the Governor of New York

The backlog of cases further weakens the governor’s position, whose term expires in 2022.

Many of his party colleagues in New York called for his resignation, while Republican minorities announced in the New York Legislature on Monday that they would begin the process of accusing Cuomo (“accusation”, in English).

Similarly, the governor faces the number of party colleagues who have accused him of poorly managing nursing homes in the first months of epidemics and workplace harassment.

Since a simple majority in the House and two-thirds of the Senate is required under the indictment, the chances of a successful indictment are uncertain.

New York Attorney General Lydia James announced the names of the two men to be announced on Monday. Commission of Inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment leveled by five women against state Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York Attorney General Ledidia James
New York Attorney General Ledidia James

“My office has appointed a former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. June h. Kim, And employment discrimination lawyer Anne L. Clark To lead our investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Governor Cuomo, ”James wrote in a message on social media.

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The Attorney General both noted They are “independent, legal professionals with decades of experience.”. He added, “There is no doubt that they have the knowledge and experience to lead this investigation and give New Yorkers the answers they deserve.”

Both attorneys will report his findings to him each week, he explained, without specifying how long the investigation will take.

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