Michael Bay and Jack Gillenhall team up in the thriller ‘Ambulance’ – Timeline

Michael Bay and Jack Gillenhall team up in the thriller ‘Ambulance’ – Timeline

EXCLUSIVE: After weighing several options, Michael Bay He has set his next film as he is coming to direct the action thriller Medical ambulance With Jack Gillenhall In star talks. Bay is quickly monitoring the project as he talks with other actors to join Gillenhall with plans for filming over January. No distribution contract has been closed yet, but sources say that the Universal Pictures package could get the first crack and consider it a negative spot. Endeavor links the content together.

Chris Fedek’s original script was produced by James Vanderbilt, Bradley Fischer and Will Sherock. Lockline is being covered, but locals say the film is the nerve of the best action thrillers of the 90s. Speed And Base Bad Boys. The script has been much loved for many years, but never managed to lock in a director before Bay got his hands on it and immediately fell in love.

This product would already be an accomplishment to undertake, but if there was anyone to tackle the challenge, its senior director undertook a career of undertaking rigorous productions. Bay already had a busy 2019 as producer on the SDX thriller Song Bird, The first film to be filmed during the COVID-19 epidemic. Directed by Adam Mason and starring KJ Abba, the filming seemed impossible to finish as COVID cases began to rise in the United States, but Beavin’s diligence as a producer played a key role in ensuring that they reduced it while it was safe for other products to move forward.

Bay has most recently directed the Netflix action film 6 Underground Starring Ryan Reynolds and Sony is also making the film Black5. He is being cut by WME and Range Media partners.

Gillenhall is busy setting his future slate starting with the thriller Guilty, Which reconsiders with him South Director Antoine Fua and is currently filming in Los Angeles.

He recently signed on to star in the HBO series Son With him Prisoners Directed by Denise Villanue. He was also nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in the play Sea wall / a life Also nominated as a Tony producer Slave Play.

He is cut by WME.

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