Venezuela election results: Freddy Soberlano: “Chávez’s defeat in their fiefdom is priceless” | international

Venezuela election results: Freddy Soberlano: “Chávez’s defeat in their fiefdom is priceless” |  international
Freddy Suberlano at a press conference in the Chacao neighborhood of Caracas on November 30.Yuri Cortez (AFP)

After a week of waiting, no one was able to compete The result that gave Freddy Suberlano of the Popular Will Party the victory in the Barinas state government, Cradle of the leader Hugo Chavez. The defeat of Argenes Chavez, brother of the late leader of the revolution and acting governor, seemed like a reality. Even the Supreme Court of Justice, controlled by Chavista leaders in Caracas, was responsible for annulling the opposition’s victory.

The judge ordered the vote count to be paralyzed arguing that Superlano was weighing political disqualification in place prior to the start of the election campaign and ordered a rerun of the state’s election. She explained that the opposition candidate was allowed to run for elections within the framework of the dialogue agreements concluded between them Chavismo and the opposition that took place in Mexico which is currently suspended.

A question. Have you ever thought that victory will end with him arguing now that he is unqualified?

Answer. honestly no. I thought that Chavezya would steal the elections from the National Electoral Council itself, some situation is fraudulent, deceitful. I was surprised by this procedure. There is now a rumor that they will make me more serious charges and criminal offenses, so that we cannot campaign or support another candidate.

s. Should the opposition run again in Barinas state elections on January 9?

R was found. After what happened, those who did not vote in Barinas want to vote. It has left people with a bittersweet aftertaste. He defeated Chavismo in Chavez’s homeland after 22 years. The word is not revenge, but people have seen what happened. There may be higher levels of participation.

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s. Even if you weren’t the nominee after your victory?

R was found. naturally. If they block my way, and we can defeat them again, I’ll win the idea.

s. Do you think the PSUV in Barinas will go into the electoral fray, mobilizing its fighters to defeat the opposition?

R was found. He’ll do that, they have a mechanism, my client chassis. They resort to coercion and extortion and control petrol and diesel in Barinas. From buying conscience to intimidating. Barinas is a military state. It will never stop being a challenge to compete against a dictatorship.

s. Arginis Chavez’s resignation and re-election of governor is remarkable.

R was found. Defeat charged him. Argenis argues that he did not receive support from the national government and that he was not able to manage the same situation in the country. With all the advantages and disadvantages, he could not win. They hijack the minutes, withhold data for an entire week, and finally buy corrupt MPs, the famous scorpions.

s. Are people confusing you with Adolfo Soberlano, the former opposition deputy who appeared before the Supreme Court and made it possible for them to ignore his victory? [El Supremo venezolano tomó su decisión tras admitir el amparo constitucional interpuesto por Adolfo Superlano -un dirigente opositor disidente, acusado de actos de corrupción- contra Freddy Superlano ]

R was found. I’ve received countless insults from people who confuse me with this guy, I’m the victim. By the way, we are not a family, there is no link.

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s. Who can be Chavismo’s candidate in this new election in Barinas?

R was found. I think it will be Chavez. This is a family fief. Hugo Chávez had many brothers and nephews involved in politics. They were mayors, ministers, governors and representatives. Chávez has always been attached to power.

s. Will you be able to apply Unified candidacy of the opposition January 9?

R was found. naturally. We are working with the rest of the Democratic Union and when the new candidate for governor is introduced, we will do so together. We’re clear, it’s the way to face a monster with a thousand heads.

s. Who will be the candidate?

R was found. It has not yet been defined. I know it is almost impossible for the Supreme Court to reconsider my situation. But I have to appeal in order to go to the international bodies. Here again, the political rights of many people have been violated. Nicolas Maduro has an investigation open to the International Criminal Court. The EU report will have a chapter on the case of Barinas.

s. How do you feel personally after your success and exclusion?

R was found. I am happy. Winning in Barinas is not just a thing; The challenge of what we have faced is of immense value. defeat Chavez in their fief Priceless; See the resignation of Argenes Chavez and his admission of defeat. We wanted to rule for the people and had a well-founded proposal, but since we are in a dictatorship, I understand what is happening and I am not disappointed.

s. Will you ask to vote for the new opposition candidate?

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R was found. naturally. Unless the repression intensifies and they start locking up everyone. What we are witnessing in Venezuela will be clear to the international community, but I do not rule out its occurrence. Armed forces Venezuela The Plan República is a political party in the service of the government of Nicolás Maduro. Party has weapons, tanks, grenades and jackets.

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