Venezuela’s opposition has accused Maduro’s dictatorship of plundering the country’s resources, amid new corruption scandals

Venezuela’s opposition has accused Maduro’s dictatorship of plundering the country’s resources, amid new corruption scandals
Dictator Maduro has launched a purge of Chavista officials (Reuters/Manor Quintero)

The Venezuelan opposition belonging to the “Unified Program” denied this Wednesday Recently discovered acts of corruption within Chavismoin which 19 senior officials were arrested, accusing the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro of “plundering” the country’s resources.

“From the united platform, and with the vast majority of Venezuelans, we reject this new misappropriation by Nicolás Maduro, alongside him, of resources belonging to Venezuelans,” the coalition said in a statement issued via Twitter.

The letter continues that the reported acts of corruption are “the result of the systematic destruction of the rule of law and its institutions, which are currently serving the Maduro regime and They use it to persecute those who suit them.”

The opposition demanded an “immediate” return to the negotiating table between the dictatorship and the National Union, which was established in Mexico, and which has not met since last November, in order to put an end to “the violation of human rights and The looting of the Venezuelan people.

Likewise, the opposition program rejected the recent accusations of its leaders, including the former speaker of parliament Juan GuaidoAccused of stealing state assets abroad.

The coalition stressed that “we reject the attack and the continued attack on Comrade Juan Guaidó and we warn of threats against the leadership of the United Platform as an attempt to divert attention from this new looting scandal.”

The United Platform also rejected Chavismo’s attack and his attack on Juan Guaido (Reuters/Gabe Ora).

The Venezuelan dictator said on Monday that he had “personally” conducted a series of investigations, in coordination with the police authorities, To “dismantle” the “corruption mafias that have taken root in important sectors” of the economy, politics and the judiciary.

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The Bolivarian Revolution is facing corruption with a firm and strong stance. “It is an ongoing battle to defend Bolivarian ethics and ethics,” he said this Wednesday in a message posted on his Twitter account.

So far, authorities have arrested 19 senior officials, allegedly linked to acts of corruption, five of whom are known to be identities, including the former head of Cryptoactives (Sunacrip) watchdog. Joselet Ramirez Vice Chavista Hugbel Roawhose parliamentary immunity was lifted this Tuesday, as well as two judges and the mayor of Chavista.

Regarding investigations into alleged “serious” acts of corruption, also at state-owned PDVSA, the Minister of Petroleum said, Tariq El AissamiHe resigned his position “with a view to fully supporting, accompanying and supporting this operation”.

Maduro accepted El Aissami’s resignation and was appointed yesterday president of the PDVSA, Pedro TeleciaHe, as the new oil minister, asked him for “maximum efficiency” in his new duties.

Despite the public statements, the purge of Chavista officials was in response to violent infighting between Maduro and El Aissami.

(with information from EFE)

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