The School of Technicians awarded diplomas and is planning a space to do fieldwork

The School of Technicians awarded diplomas and is planning a space to do fieldwork

2020 graduates from Rafaela Technical School

In the last days of December, the Technical School of Rafaela City handed over certificates to the 21 graduates who finished their studies. The event was not the same as in previous years, because for protocol reasons, only teachers and students attended.

Of course, the technical school also suffered from the epidemic and had to adapt to the new normal that the world went through. He spoke with Victor “Leto” Botanese, the current director of the educational center, who said that although he had undergone setbacks and changes, he said he was satisfied with the school year: “The balance was positive if we saw it from the side that could be completed and finished. But of course it was not. A good year for anyone; unfortunately the world has been under surveillance because of the virus. We have put our lungs, our courage and a lot of things that we corrected and fixed and thank God they are all fine, ”the former Atletico coach began by saying.

“The classes were conducted online and were very good. There was good student participation, and the teachers were excellent. The boys inadvertently avoided the issue of transportation and were able to come from home, which was very good. That was very good.” Added Botanese, who also confirmed this year’s school year: “Starting in February, we will start with registrations for 2021.”

The present and the idea of ​​searching for a physical space to continue training the trainers

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For several years now, Botanese has been director of the city’s technical school and is producing a large number of alumni. “We’ve worked really well with the school for many years, and there is a group of excellent professionals. We have the potential to open a school in San Francisco and we’re analyzing it,” said former Union de Santa Fe and River Plate player.

He also mentioned that one of the projects to be implemented in 2021 is to provide physical space for training of trainers. “On a certain day and getting space, which is roughly what we have, we want to help the coaches and train them on the field. It depends on the ages each coach is at that time, or who wants to train. The idea is to feed them the amount of things they did and they have. That the coaches can be. From seeing the different things that will be found and that they, in a way, offer to work, they can find a solution. The idea is to do it once a week. This is a great training for coaches in Europe, ”Leto said.

Taka Piller is among the 2021 alumni

Baglion Juan Ramón
Beller Claudio Danielle
Pima Nichols Robin
Punto Luis Alfredo
Bonsegundo Yvonne Lewis
Carlos Alberto Castle
Dercio Jose Andres
Ferreira Julio Cesar
Franco Daniel Gallaiso
Susanna Maria Gutierrez
Linker Pablo Alejandro
Lozano Landro Alexis
Mueller-Rodrigo Emanuel
Nardi Andres Ignacio
Oscela Diego Daniel
Raminelli Gustavo Gabriel
Serrano Georgy Lewis
Singer Emiliano Nichols
Zamatio Alejandro Andres

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