Victoria sets out to win the classic against Vida; Honduras and Real Spain continue to tie!

Victoria sets out to win the classic against Vida;  Honduras and Real Spain continue to tie!


Welcome to the minute by minute matches of Honduras vs Real Spain and Vida vs Victoria!

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the games:
Honduras 0-0 Royal Spain
life times 0-1 win over

29′ close… Centered by Kevin Alvarez to the riverside, Alberto Paredes narrowly scored an own goal; He presided over the corpse of his colleague Andres Salazar and the danger faded.

26′ UUUYYYY! Giovanni Martinez’s smashing header into the heart of Christian Sacaza containing Boba Lopez and saving his team from their first riverside goal.

Eleven’ Johan Centeno is encouraged and shoots a long shot from the goal crab. The classic has moved on at La Ceioba.

6′ GOOOALLLLL OF VICTORY! Played by the left sector of Carlos Roches, he sent the middle and with a quick movement of his head, Yaudel Lahera scored the first goal in the Classic.

3′ first access to the coconut area; Alexy Vega takes a seriously flawed shot that goes past Pipo López’s frame.

fifteen’ A skewed shot by Sylvain Guevara does not worry Boba Lopez at all.

I started! At La Ceiba, the classic ceibeño is put to the test. Vida and Victoria will win.

11 Victory vs Life: Harold Fonseca ; Marlon Flores, Jose Velasquez, Kenneth Hernandez, Arnaldo Urbina; Marcelo Espinal, Marcelo Canales, Alexei Vega, Carlos Roches; Yaudel Lahera and Marco Tulio Vega.

11 Life vs. Victory: Roberto Lopez, Henry Sanchez, Nelson Munoz, Juan Montes, Marco Velasquez, and Elison Rivas; Anthony Garcia, Marvin Bernardez, Johan Centeno; Rafa Agamez and Patrick Ferreira.

Real Spain alliance against Honduras: Luis Lopez, Kevin Alvarez, Getzel Montes, Devron Garcia, Franklin Flores; Joe Benavides, Carlos Mejia, Gerson Chavez, Alejandro Reyes; Omar Rosas and Junior Lacayo.

Honduran Progreso squad against Real Spain: Andres Salazar; Angel Barrios, Dixon Ramirez, Alberto Paredes, Victor Araoz; Jose Queiroz, Leslie Heraldez, Sylvain Guevara; Christian Sacazza, Giovanni Martinez and Eric Andino.

Welcome to the minute by minute match between Honduras Progreso, Real Spain and Vida vs Victoria in the 17th round of Clausura 2022.


This Saturday the curtain opens The seventeenth day of the final tournament 2021-22 With two games as heroes: the classic between Vida and The victory and challenge of Honduran Progresso before Real Spain qWho is looking to extend his winning streak in Honduran National Association.

It opens today at 7:15 pm at the Humberto Micheletti Stadium with the match between Honduran Progreso and Real Spain.

The Royal team led by Hector Vargas arrives as a strong candidate to take the three points in a scenario where they have a better balance than the domestic team: 8 wins against 2. With the victory of the machine, they will become leaders with 36 as well as achieve 12 consecutive wins in the National League led by Hector Vargas.

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However, the rice team won’t make things easy for you Christian Sakaza and Eric Andino As its main characters in pursuit of victory and choosing to qualify for the play-off waiting for a negative result from life before victory.

Classic in LA CEIBA

life and victory They will be the main course champions of Saturday when they play Classic 154 will play at 7:30 PM.

Watch: Real España seeks to expand its historic winning streak and bets Victoria to settle the series against Vida in the classic Ceibeño

As for the jaibos, who fell from first to third place in the past days, they need to win the match of the historical series (49-48) and break the negative streak for six matches without overcoming the red in a moment of internal crisis where it will do. Don’t count with its main characters like Alexandre Aguilar, Denis Melendez, Sergio Peña and Carlos Sanchez, with directing approval.

The Reds regained confidence with a 4-2 win Upnfm, lieFlush that Victoria fell 3-1 bye Real España on the 16th and despite this they have already made sure of their qualification for the playoffs (with a score of 28 points).

In this encounter, Vida recovers Horacio Argueta and Roger Sanders, Two major pieces of Fernando Mira’s system. While Victoria Alan Banegas and Damien Ramirez will lose due to card pile-up.

match sheet

(7:15 pm) Honduras vs Real Spain: Melvin Matamoros (Referee) – broadcasts Tigo Sports

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(7:30 pm) Life vs. Victory: Jefferson Escobar (Referee) broadcasts Tigo Sports

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