Victoria Silver

Victoria Silver

Aguada has dated: Annalia Martinez, Sofia Herrera, Romina Bello, Kelly Orijuela and Antonia Basualdo. For its part, Yale University has done it with: Sofia Podesta, Mariana Lima, Mariangel Santana, Victoria Lara and Cynthia Mott.

The first quarter started with liveliness and entertainment, both actors suggested their playing style. Sofia Herrera after great help from Antonia Basualdo opened the scoring, after several minutes as Jacinto Vera’s team struggled to shift and adapt to what Aguada suggested, Victoria Lara equalized the actions. The match changed with the entry of Melissa Teixeira, and it was done in defense and was very important, but a hat-trick from Sofia Herrera and a quick response from Sofia Podesta made the match win with emotion. Aguada played better and managed to get an income of seven. Those of Jacinto Vera with Lima and Podesta were reduced but Aguada went up by three through Basualdo 20-14.

Yale in the second ten minutes adjusted the defensive position, stole the ball in the front row, ran onto the field and made it 6-0 to equalize. Aguada did not find answers and was inclined to modify the defensive part, his main deficit and planted in the area 2-3, for his role in the attack stood out Analia Martínez who was far from three, more free than Kelly Orejuela, they opened the rent of five. The trio began falling at CEFUBB, Victoria Lara’s first hit and Antonia Basualdo quickly responded from the corner until Aguatera went into the long run with a 38-36 win.

The third quarter was the cutest and they went a lot to the streak. The intensity with which it was played provoked protests of both banks towards the referees, who drew when it was necessary to blow the whistle and took it well into the match. The Aguada game genre is inspired by Orejuela, who always had a swipe option. Yale had trouble defending his boards and the one on Avenida San Martin made him notice this by moving the ball around the perimeter and looking down. Joel Bose admitted Camila Castro, who added strength to the defence. Instead, Rodrigo Prenon asked for a minute, corrected, gave Techera a rest, and on the field left less team to press, successfully narrowing the margin on the scoreboard. However, the entry of Rossio Mott gave air to Aguateras, who stole two consecutive balls and scored easily and went up 57-39.

Those led by Joel Bose were in control of the match, but Yale’s suggested pressure soon paid off, making him 14-2 in the blink of an eye. Santana, Lara, Podesta, and Lima seemed to revolutionize the game. Yale made it to six heading to the end of the game. Aguada in front of them “lost” the pressure completely nullified them, they went the wrong way and made mistakes in the hot moments. The game decidedly changed course, and Yale grew into the game because with Lara’s free matches he tied the match at 59 with four minutes remaining. The finale was too short, some poor executions, and tough defenses, so the match ended in a 67-67 draw.

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In overtime, they played more aggressively than with a calm head. Both actors turned the field and the balance took a long time to reach. Mott’s Aguada was better and Yale did the research with Lara. After a few minutes of missed balls, the aguateras kept the ball clockwise in their favor and closed the game 73-72 by pinning themselves in the Silver Cup.

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