When could Ricky Rubio's first game back be?

When could Ricky Rubio's first game back be?
Ricky Rubio during training with the Spanish national team (EFE/Mariscal)

A few hours before the film's premiere F.C.B In this edition of the King's Cup Basketball Tournament, there is no indication that Ricky Rubio will participate in the match, yet, as far as the competition is concerned. A few days ago, his signing with the Barcelona team, in which he is living the second phase (he played in the first division in Barcelona in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011), became a reality. But point guard Al-Masnou is currently limited to training. A reality that has no signs of changing this weekend, but aims to do so next week.

Everything seemed to indicate that it would be that way because it was that way One of the players who was called up to the Spanish national team In the face of conflict First qualifying window for Eurobasket 2025. A conflict in which the conflict between the EuroLeague and FIBA, which has been in effect for years, begins to be finally and effectively resolved. This is because the major European competition will be abandoning its stars, after it has become an annoying but also routine habit for clubs and national teams to overlap their matches. Now there will be a break for the teams to shine as they deserve. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Ricky will benefit from it too.

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Ricky Rubio is in Spain's 14-man squad #EuroBasket Playoffs 🥳pic.twitter.com/lh60saSzXt

– International Basketball Federation (@FIBA) February 13, 2024

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Along with other men with a long history at La Familia such as Rudy Fernandez, Juancho Hernangomez and Victor Claver, among others, It is likely that the first meeting of the former NBA, after an absence of a few months from the sport of basketball, will be an international meeting.. Just in case, write down the date: Thursday, February 22, starting at 8 p.m., Spain-Latvia in Zaragoza. And one more: Sunday, February 25, from 5:30 p.m., Belgium-Spain in Charleroi. Your new Reiki initiation can then be unleashed perfectly. Just as the coach dropped himself when announcing the list of 14 (plus six guests) for the two matches that the first team will face.

Ricky Rubio in training with Barcelona (Barcelona)

“The first thing I told him is now be careful, you have to set expectations right. Don't expect to be the best player in the World Cup. It's a process of getting back into shape, back into competition, back into the best version of yourself. It takes time. It takes time,” Scariolo said on Tuesday. Past: “Of course we are glad to have you with us.” “We have already informed him that, in any case, as a spectator, searchlightFriend or whatever you want, we would love to have you with us. This is the best way we can get, but with A lot of wisdom and patience when it comes to waiting for the normal deadlines to see it again in a very high level versionWhich I have no doubt will happen sooner or later,” the coach added.

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Naturally, the statement indicating that Ricky was ready to play, if all went well, was this: “I didn't have my cell phone in my hand every day, but I was waiting to get that call. We've been in constant contact since this summer until three days ago. He told me that he would like his first official match to be with the national team.. “It was exciting when he called me to tell me.” The 2019 world champion could therefore enjoy his first minutes on the track, from April 2023, wearing one of the most distinctive jerseys of his career. If that's not him, then it might be him, the sweater he has the most affection for.

Ricky Rubio trains with Barcelona (EFE/Enrique Fontcuberta)

Starting next February 19, the debut will be able to gain strength. If this ends up happening, It won't take long for Rubio to break into Barcelona's squad. Which could lead to him being on the first dates in March when he wears a culé uniform at a competitive level. Starting on the first day of the third calendar month, there will be an opportunity for Ricky to be a more effective player in the EuroLeague and in the ACB. A fair and desirable redemption for all orange football fans.

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