Video: Cruise Azul Vs Solos de Tijuana by Arbelin Pineta

Video: Cruise Azul Vs Solos de Tijuana by Arbelin Pineta

Engine Blue Cross Received the team this afternoon Solos from Tijuana On the 17th day of the competition MX completes 2021 of the league, Which would put an end to the regular phase of the two teams, as they have very different realities and very distant needs in the panorama.

Cruz Azul is the current captain of the tournament, ensuring that Juan Rhinoceros ‘team Liquila closes all matches in the Aztecs and could reach 43 points against some of Solos’ life-threatening solos in this match, as Robert Tonde Ciboldi met his former teammate.

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For its part, Tijuana, who changed coaches to give Chiboldi a chance, were forced to win at the Colossa de Santa Arsula, hoping the frontier players would qualify for the playoffs and wait for others.

However, despite Solos’ need for a goal-scoring victory, Cruz Azul advanced to the scoreboard with a goal in the 48th minute from Arbelin Pineda, practically in the final half of the first half, in favor of the machine.

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