Angela Aguilar presents a stylish chair; Features the best cat eye to accentuate the look

Angela Aguilar presents a stylish chair;  Features the best cat eye to accentuate the look

One of the young artists of the moment, who was characterized by imposing a trend with her styleIt is, without a doubt Angela Aguilar, Which was submitted more than once a chair From sophistication and elegance to her looks and makeup, she is one of the most famous women to wear the best looks Cat’s eye With the purpose Highlight your look.

Baby Aguilar’s youngest daughter is currently playing moon horns in her musical career, because her song “In Reality”, also composed by singer Anna Barbara, has been well received by her fans and followers who have reached the top of the popularity charts.

Aguilar, 17-year-old, tested with little change in styleOne of her primary characteristics is her short and dark hair, and her red lip makeup that blends in perfectly with some kind of outline. Cat’s eye To highlight your eyes.

Angela imposes fashion with her style. Photo: Private

Angela Aguilar shows off in style

Subtitled “Llorona” and “Tell me how you want”, she continues to conquer audiences in Mexico and other countries, and it has been revealed with followers that she continues to add her to her social networks, especially on her Instagram account, where she recently reached 5.7 million.

In addition to the content she shares on her profile, the younger Pepe Aguilar’s daughter posts a large number of videos in her stories, like the one she showed on Friday, where she can be seen wearing simple but very fun makeup. He highlights his eyes.

In the pictures, you can see that Angela Aguilar He has a specific classic for whom they call it Cat’s eyeBecause it is eye makeup that mimics the elegant appearance of a cat, with a stylized look. She combined her eyes and lips with a very natural red color to make her lips even more playful.

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The young singer knows how to accentuate her eyes with her elegant lines. Photo: Private


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