VIDEO: Former Mayor Ernesto Moichundt accused of withholding more than $21,000 in treasury income

VIDEO: Former Mayor Ernesto Moichundt accused of withholding more than $21,000 in treasury income

The former mayor of San Salvador already had criminal proceedings for the crimes of illegal groups and election fraud.

Former San Salvador Mayor Ernesto Moishundt was charged Monday morning in court with the crime of seizing tax deductions. This is in addition to the accusations and operations that have already been brought against him for illegal groups and electoral fraud, due to which they have also imposed house arrest and the use of an electronic bracelet.

Miuchondt was accused of failing to pay more than $21,000 to withhold rent for his agricultural company’s workers in Montegrand.

The investigation period corresponds to 2018. Francisco Enrique García Prieto, who is the honorary consul in Denmark, has also been charged and will be notified of the charges against him.

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The prosecutor in the case said that they requested Muichonte’s preventive detention.

“He replied and signed documents for the public treasury in which he stated that he had not, in fact, paid,” the public prosecutor said.

Interest and fines will add up to $21,000, so financial expertise will determine the total amount that can be paid and criminal action ends, according to the attorney general.

The first session will be next Wednesday.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Delgado reported in an interview with the Front, that “(Mochundt’s) arrest was made by his own company, not by the arrests that were in the mayor’s office.”

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He stated that due to the crime of retaining the mayors, there are about 700 people affected and the process is continuing. For this situation, there is an open process, Delgado said.

The former mayor when he arrives at court. Photo by EDH: Yessica Hompanera

On Friday, the San Salvador Second Investigative Court issued a ruling of house arrest and the use of an electronic bracelet for the former mayor of San Salvador, but on the same day he was arrested for a tax withholding offense, according to police.

On the same Friday, the former mayor was transferred to Bartolina for the National Civil Police.

As he left the court, the former mayor of the capital said last Friday: “I welcome everyone to the dictatorship of Nebbukil. I am the first of many to come. They will do to any opponent what they do to me. He held the dictator Neb Bukele responsible for everything that happens to me.”

Photo EDH: Jessica Humbanera

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