National disappointment! Mexico falls to the United States and loses the Concoff League of Nations

National disappointment!  Mexico falls to the United States and loses the Concoff League of Nations

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What a disappointment! In the final of the first edition of the Concacaf Nations League, in overtime, the Mexican men’s football team lost 3-2 to the United States., Which was played on the court at Empower Field in Denver, Colorado.

Despite advancing twice on the scoreboard, Argentina team led by Gerardo Tata Martino was caught on the scoreboard by the Americans and the regulation time ended 2-2.

In extra time, Christian Bulisic scored from the penalty spot in the 114th minute to give the United States a 3-2 lead. However, In the 121st minute, Andres Cardo missed a penalty in favor of Mexico.

In regular time, the Mexican team advanced to the 2nd minute, with a goal from Jess Decadito கிரீடம்; Transferred to 27th place by Giovanni Raina 1-1. Mexican Diego Linus regains area advantage திரி In 79 minutes, however Weston McKennie tied the game at 82-2.

Pause for homosexual screaming

Homosexual screams re-emerge this Sunday at Empower Field in Denver, Colorado The final of the League of Nations between Mexico and the United States will be suspended for a few moments..

In the 96th minute, already at compensation time, and somewhat in balance, the match referee stopped the action The homosexual scream indicates that it has been heard By Mexican fans. However, The game immediately resumed.

Last Thursday, at the same venue, the semi-final match between Mexico and Costa Rica was stopped. In that case, the action was halted for five minutes, in part, by a score of 0-0 Anti-discrimination protocol Concoff.

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Finally, the game resumed, the tie was maintained, and then El Tri defeated Dicos on penalties.

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