Video: Niurka gets hot with Jorge ‘Burro’ Van Rankin in the middle of the show

Video: Niurka gets hot with Jorge ‘Burro’ Van Rankin in the middle of the show

As usual the famous star, New York She was so publicly featured in one more Unicable broadcast, “Members al aire,” that she was so relieved that she got the “Hoy” driver in trouble, Jorge “Porro” Van Rankin.

And during the presentation of this program recently, Cuba was invited with her daughter and a sexologist made the presenters sweat.

During the show, the daughter of Juan Osorio’s ex-partner was asked about her sexual fantasies, and she revealed that it was a doctor and nurse acting, so they decided to re-create the scene.

Like the shy Paul Stanley the doctor and the ailing Romina Marcos; However, that wasn’t enough as Paul preferred to wrap up quickly so as not to overdo it with the 20-year-old.

Contrary to what he did Nyorca, who, together with “Borro” Van Rankin, decided to make it more visible, and therefore suddenly Juan Osorio, the former producer from Televisa, took off the presenter’s shirt, but did not stop there because the protagonist of “Aventurera climbed on the armchairs” In a way, Van Ranken was placed between his legs.

On the announcer’s shoulder were the artist’s genitals as she moved her hips in a sensual manner, but that wasn’t enough because the actress went further and decided to put her hips on Jorge’s head who enjoyed her vanity for a moment.

brags about his clothes

Sensuality and depravity do not disappear from the character of Niurka Marcos and to show the post he uploaded this weekend on his social networks.

The famous Cuban dancer decided to wear a matching silver dress that accentuated her acting figure, along with her exotic blonde hair.

Have a nice weekend, my lovely ones, and lots of light.”wrote in the publication.

In the boom she uploaded to her Instagram profile, Niurka was seen showing off her talent as an artist, performing a ballet to show off her traits and share with her fans.

The emperor costume is accompanied by black slippers and stockings, as well as a very special headband for the upcoming Christmas party.

Niurka currently has over 1 million followers, so the compliments and compliments were instant.

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