Video: Soriana star Tatiana Ramos starring in an important space in Salvam

Video: Soriana star Tatiana Ramos starring in an important space in Salvam

Syrian actress Tatiana Ramos achieves important successes in her new work “Never Like Your Kisses”. His premiere in Madrid attracted the attention of a program that, every afternoon, gathers more Spaniards in front of the television.

Space Con M de Mujer, led by Giles Hornedo, wanted to use Tatiana’s example to get us thinking about one of the most unknown macho techniques: “gas lighting” or gaslighting, which occurs when a man “trying to neutralize us using phrases like Are you crazy or What do you think is not,” the space host explained

In an interview with Hornido, the Soria representative said that this work helps her tell the situation the first person went through. “I thought I was losing my mind because I ended up doubting myself and my abilities as a woman,” Ramos says, adding that she used her profession to recount her experience because “I can’t imagine another way to do it.”

Tatiana Ramos advised, “I would ask anyone with the slightest symptom to consider if what’s pulsing inside is pain. If it hurts, that’s not the place,” adding that “if work serves the person, you have to realize what’s going on, it will be It’s worth it.”

CV work

“I’ve Never Liked Your Kisses” is a monologue directed by Xiqui Rodríguez, also Atta’s director, and written this time by Alberto Velasco. It is based on real events and is a mixture between personal testimony and impersonalism, as it can happen to anyone.

Gilles Hernando concluded the survey by asking municipalities and associations to “hire this work because it’s exciting.”

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