(Video) The beauty queen condemns Jose La Luz’s comments about Miss Universe

(Video) The beauty queen condemns Jose La Luz’s comments about Miss Universe

El Nuevo Diario, Santo Domingo. – Celine Santos, a model and finalist at Miss Dominican Republic 2019, described the comments made by former lawmaker and interlocutor, Jose La Luz, as insulting and inappropriate, and who this week said a woman to become Miss Universe should go into prostitution.

“If he thinks that this is his problem, but I can say from my own testimony that this is not the case, because I had to work and prepare for it, no one told me to take this title, I have this crown, no, I have had to work.”

Santos made the remarks during an interview with journalist Paloma de la Rosa on “Novidades”, which is broadcast on the digital platform of El Nuevo Diario TV.

(See the interview from the minute 30:37).

He considered that La Luz’s comment was misplaced and that instead of expressing himself as he did, what he should have done was to “support and glorify our queen” Kimberly Jimenez, who represented the Dominican Republic last Sunday at the Miss Universe 2021 contest.

“He had to support and grow our queen instead of making these comments. Nobody knows if he’s a father and if his daughter wants to be a beauty queen and doesn’t have to do that to get there, they are really people who are not ready to have this kind of conversation.”

Regarding Kimberly Jimenez’s participation in the Miss Universe contest, she stated that she is “a wonderful girl full of values ​​and represented the country well in the last beauty pageant,” and reached the first five places, and achieved only five. Dominicans have won the competition’s history.

On the other hand, when referring to the Juntos Somos Más que Directo Foundation, he expressed his feeling of happiness because he had always liked to work with children, and with this organization he could bring food, toys and other necessary things to the less favorable minors in different sectors.

“Sometimes it is not worth it for me to give you a game when you don’t have to eat at home, there are priorities in life. It also happened to me that I go to a specific house where children need more medicine than food, so we deal with people who They help them buy these medicines. “

We invite you to access the link so that you know in detail what the form commented on.

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