Viral: ‘The moment’ Marilyn Monroe met Queen Elizabeth II and ‘disrespected’ her in public (VIDEO)

Viral: ‘The moment’ Marilyn Monroe met Queen Elizabeth II and ‘disrespected’ her in public (VIDEO)

Marilyn Monroe, a mature Victor – with Queen Elizabeth II of England (left) at the annual ‘Royal Performance’ at London’s Empire Theatre (Photo by Ulstein Bild via Getty Images)

To understand why this video has spread around the world 65 years after it was recorded, it is necessary to determine the context of the lives of both parties. It was 1956 when Queen Elizabeth II took the throne for five years. At the same time, Marilyn Monroe was already an icon of American cinema and had just finished shooting one of her highest-grossing films, The Prince and the Showgirl. The movie, which was shot in London, the place where he met the Queen of England on a frozen day on October 29, and in the middle of 2021, is back in the news. but why?

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How did Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe meet?

As mentioned, the actress had just finished filming in London, and at the same time, her then-husband, Arthur Miller, was showing the movie The Battle of the River Plate in the English capital. That is why Marilyn Monroe decided to accompany him to Leicester Square, where the premiere took place and where he met Queen Elizabeth of England. The two 30-year-olds exchanged a series of gestures and looks that are precisely an aspect of this historic video that has gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks. In fact, many nonverbal communication experts were responsible for analyzing every little detail.

In the video you can see how the Queen approaches to greet the actress. At that exact moment, his gaze travels up and down his body, according to them, with a “clear sign of disapproval.” The rejection was likely given by Marilyn Monroe’s striking split that wasn’t entirely official at the time, and even less so with the presence of the royal family. Seconds later, the artist bows before her in reverence and away from the feeling of fear of the aristocrat, and, according to experts in nonverbal communication, emits a gesture of “satisfaction”, as if she wanted to convey an overwhelming safety before. A look supposedly insulting to Isabel II.

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