From space, astronaut Pesquet describes climate damage to France’s president | Science

From space, astronaut Pesquet describes climate damage to France’s president |  Science

French President Emmanuel Macron asked on Thursday, “Do you really see the consequences of climate change, any tangible effects?” Astronaut Thomas Bisquet on a mission to the International Space Station.

“Unfortunately yes, Mr. President,” Pesquet replied during this video chat, who made it clear that he sThe fragility of the Earth can be seen clearly. and “The harmful effects of human activities”.

“We can see whole regions burning, Canada, California covered in a cloud of smoke, flames with the naked eye at an altitude of 400 km, The same is true in southern France, Greece, and in the Mediterranean basin“he added.

French crew member, That in the next few days he should finish his second mission in spaceHe also described the “sad scene of tropical storms being restrained”.

Macron asked him: “Have you seen any changes from your last assignment?” “Yes, those weather phenomena It is alarmingly sped upBisquet said, a statement that left the French head of state speechless.

“Let us hope that the necessary measures will be taken so that the planet remains habitable for all,” the astronaut concluded. who proposed a new discussion to him after his next return to Earth.

“It is necessary to speed up commitments and implement them further. That is the aim of COP 26 [de Glasgow] yardThis is what we are all trying to do at the national levelregional and European,” Macron emphasized.

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