Wade, not IT, initiated questions about Love’s absence

By all accounts, Cavs fans should be thrilled Dwyane Wade is gone from the team.

As was reported last week on AmicoHoops, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office was “ecstatic” after trading Dwyane Wade to the Miami Heat at the NBA trade deadline.

Reports are starting to surface regarding how Wade’s presence affected the team, in the locker room and on the floor.

According to Cleveland.com, Wade — not Isaiah Thomas — was the first player to vocally challenge coach Tyronn Lue to disclose where All-Star forward Kevin Love had been when he left the arena during a home loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Jan. 20.

Initial reports had Thomas as the main player who called out Love, and while Thomas was upset Love went home without telling anyone, it was actually Wade who was the instigator, according to a report.

Via Joe Vardon:

“But, sources said, it was Wade who first made an issue of it on Monday, challenging Lue to disclose where Love had been. Numerous players verbally attacked Love, who eventually explained his absence as part of a wide-ranging, heated discussion in which virtually no one was immune from criticism. A team source said if anything, LeBron James felt relief from the Wade trade — relief from a pressure point he’d helped create.”

Vardon’s report also states the Wade signing wasn’t received well by J.RSmith, who needed months to recover from it because he was constantly looking over his shoulder in regards to when Wade was going to sub in for him during the game.

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  1. Who the hell is this reporter? Where does he get his info from? You are crazy if you think Wade a 3 time Champion and a finals MVP would resort to asking a player where he had been for a game. You’re probably just a rumor starter and a butt hurt Lakers or I.T. fan.

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