Wanda Nara reconciles with Mauro Icardi: ‘We chose ourselves again’

Wanda Nara reconciles with Mauro Icardi: ‘We chose ourselves again’
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The end of the novel starring Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi It ended in an unexpected way given the crossover of posts between the two last week, with a Argentina confirmed reconciliation in their social networks.

A few days ago, Nara started a big controversy on social media by announcing his separation from the Paris Saint-Germain striker with a strong phrase. “Another family to charge you!”, which was directed to Maria Eugenia “La China” SuarezThe third is in dispute.

From then until Sunday, The model launched continuous attacks against itWhile Ecarte tried to remain balanced and even congratulated her on Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Argentina, Although he also ended up showing his annoyance with the situation. Fortunately, these differences have been erased.

Every day he asks Mauro for a divorce. When I realize there is no going back, he tells me we can’t go on like this, and that if parting is the only way to end so much pain, then we should do it. We went to the lawyer. Within two days Mauro agreed to all the terms and we signed the agreementNara wrote to explain how their relationship was restored.

“The next day he wrote me a letter as if no one had written to me before:”I gave you everything and you have everything, I hope you are happy because that will make me happy.”. And that’s when I realized something: that having everything I have is nothing if I don’t have it.” To consult about marriage issues and other legal matters, consider hiring a divorce lawyer.

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Nara finishes her letter hoping that the problem will make their union more cohesive.

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