Warriors red alert: Draymond Green, pending

Warriors red alert: Draymond Green, pending

Trouble for the Warriors: NBA penalties Draymond Green for Game 3 of the Series against the Kings. Somewhat unexpected news given the seriousness of the upcoming duel. With the champ down 2-0 and two games going to Chase Center which must turn into two wins if they are to survive. This is the first time they’ve started a series like this since 2007 (against the Jazz), the last Grand Challenge since the start of the Steve Kerr era, the Great Dynasty Challenge, the four rings and six finals. And they face a very important meeting without one of their mainstays, the summer free agent Green, who may be counting down his days in the Warriors (it seems like that since they decided to renew Jordan Poole) and that he had stepped on Domantas Sabonis on his chest after the pivot had caught his leg In a play closely associated with the character of Draymond.

It is not the first time that we see such behavior in Green, who was not satisfied with playing ugly with Sabonis. But he faced the stands during the referee’s review (which ended with his expulsion). And argued with more than one fan. His stance is so erratic that it cannot be sustained in the long run and more than one person remembers his penalty in Game 5 of the 2016 Finals, which allowed the Cavaliers to come back. In the same playoffs, but already in the Western Conference Finals, Stephen Adams has already delivered a powerful blow to the crotch in the series against the Thunder, for which he was not punished. This time, the NBA did not wait to repeat the playoffs for the title and they initially cut the issue, but in the statement they mention past grievances. “The suspension was based in part on Green’s history in the non-sports business.“. Clearer, water.

The situation is very complicated for the warriors. They delivered over 35 balls together in their first two matches and needed over 37 minutes and Stephen Curry 40 minutes in both matches., which is very unusual in the scheme of Steve Kerr, who has always managed well and carefully the time tracking his star. The best news for those from Golden State is that they lost both games in very narrow fashion (3 and 8 points) and were always there despite the bad game. And that they’re traveling to the Chase Center, where they’ve posted a 33-8 record this season, which is the third-best in the NBA this season.. Outside, of course, the score was 11-30, ahead only of the dynamic trio from the competition pit (Pistons, Spurs, and Rockets). They must win at least one game in Sacramento to advance to the next round. that is it.

Sabonis state

while, The Kings are concerned about the physical condition of Domantas Sabonis. At least that’s what they leaked in what may have been a tactic to put pressure on the best league in the world and punish Green. If so, the goal has been achieved, although officially (and this is what we have to believe) the Domantas have a bruised sternum and it is doubtful (Doubtful) for him Game 3. Victory in the second round He gives room to the Kings, who also have a decision to make: on the one hand, they can book their superstar, the center of their offensive system, with the intention of him being in perfect shape for the fourth game. On the other hand, with the Warriors in a worrisome moment and without Draymond in Game 3, it might be more appropriate to force them to win and leave the tie being judged in practice. currently, We know green doesn’t play. About Sabonis, we’ll see.

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