What defend those who defend the revolution?

What defend those who defend the revolution?

CubitaNOW write ~ Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Cuban thinker Gustavo Arcos Fernandez Brito left a thoughtful comment on social networks where he talked about the social, economic and moral division that Cuba suffers from.

“It does not matter what daily effort each citizen makes, putting all his energies into the space he ought to serve. There is no progress, no benefits. Territories such as health, education, aid and social security, which were once examples, are hardly sustained by the sacrifices of those who work there ” Cuban reflects.

Describing the situation, Fernandez Brito adds, “The salary is useless, there is no control over the prices, there is no money in the banks, there is no production, no medicine, no food, no housing, no transport that works stably. Or well-deserved. It became.” No Hai is the saddest sign of our identity as a nation. But the official discourse speaks of principles, values ​​and independence.”

The professor on the island laments the precarious situation in which the country finds itself.

I think Cuba has never been more dependent than it is now. Its debts are so great that it makes it a victim of its fragility, always waiting for the occasional crumb that arrives for some donation, loan or geopolitical interest. Many years of insulting or denying the Cubans who emigrated, and today the country and the families are supported by their thanks.”

“While such cases occur, the authorities who are really responsible for the current catastrophe and poverty in the country, spend their time harassing the families of those who criticize this ineffective model, imposed by the party or the government, way, the same,” adds Fernandez Brito describing the persecution of the Cuban regime .

At the same time, it requires a minimum level of respect for the people: “It is not the citizens who cause the problem, stop persecuting or threatening them. sense of justice.”

Perhaps the most severe criticism directed at this Cuban intellectual appears in the form of questions: “How can anyone say that this was the dream of many martyrs and heroes who sacrificed their lives for justice, morality or the well-being of their children? What do those who defend the revolution defend? Where is peace, fairness, respect and quality of life? And the justice you were once promised?” he inquires.

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