We already know about Champions League 2021/22, a ‘super hype’ and draw

We already know about Champions League 2021/22, a ‘super hype’ and draw

Surprises in some of the major leagues in Europe changed the following campaign games

Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Liverpool, Sevilla y Chelsea. This set of eight clubs could make one of the pots for the 2021/22 Champions League group stage draw, But there is no one like the seed. Surprises in some of the major leagues in Europe changed the following campaign games.

According to the rules of the tournament, only the champions make the first pot: the winners of the two major tournaments on the continent, the Champions and Europa League, and the champions of the six best leagues in the UEFA multiplier rankings. So far, the clubs in the first pot: Atletico de Madrid (Spain), Manchester City (England), Inter Milan (Italy), Bayern Munich (Germany), Lilly (France) and Sport (Portugal).

The other three tanks are made up of the coefficient of each club, which analyzes the results of European competitions in five seasons. If they do not win the final they will play in this week, Manchester United (Europa League) and Chelsea (Champions League) will be in the second pot. First in line, if one or both are to be planted, Borussia Dortmund and Porto.

Seven years later he is already back in the Champions League and already knows what Milan are all about. The news is not good for Rosoneri, who has the second worst coefficient in the guaranteed place teams ahead of Wolfsburg. So, even with the low number of six qualifying players in the opening rounds, it will still not be enough to improve his position as a seven-time tournament champion.

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The Champions League final could change the life of Russian champion Zenit. A Manchester City win at the Estadio Draco next Saturday will open the door for another national champion, the Wit Division, precisely for the St. Petersburg team. Otherwise, Janet Pot will be in the third.

The last direct stage will come from the Europa League final. It may be an unqualified Villarreal via La Liga, which could make Spain the only country with five delegates at the group stage. If the Yellow Submarine is defeated, Monaco will benefit as Manchester United have already qualified, finishing third in League 1, having qualified first for the opening round.

The one who has already made use of the already defined classifications is the national champion Besiktas, who takes the place of the winner of the Champions League. Both Manchester City and Chelsea have already promised that matches will not need this route.

All assorted live for group status:


Atletico de Madrid

Real Madrid




City of Manchester

Manchester United





R.P. Leipzig

Borussia Dortmund









Paris Saint-Germain




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Zenit (Russia)

Club Bruce (Belgium)

Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine)

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Ajax (Holland)

Besiktas (Turkey)

Villarreal (Spain) or Monaco (France)

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